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The electricity equipment get uploaded. The villagers were excited that that will the electricity really run in our houses. The engineer says had they come earlier they would have it in their homes till today. Gunjan says they could do a lot but all in vain, she asks when will they start the work. The head shouts when we will give the permission. He asks the engineer do you have any permission? Chiraya asks permission? He points No with his finger to her. Gunjan says that firstly they aren’t government people but private company; all the documentation has been done already, you need not to do anything. He sees the paper and asks where you got these. Gunjan asks him if he is done, can we proceed. She asks him about the expense. He says it will be 30 hundred thousand. The villagers were

worried while head smiled that who will arrange the money. Gunjan tells Rahul to make a cheque, he gives it to the engineer and they promise to begin work from tomorrow.
The villagers came to thank Gunjan while the head stood there. She says to be true, the soil of the village saved us. Nor will there be electricity only; the women will also be secured.
A man introducing Sanjay Tinwari comes to inspect about his work place. KT says you didn’t inform me; he tells him to be relaxed as it is also an important assignment. Rachna comes and introduces herself; she asks to take KT aside, he was worried that how will it complete. She says that if you think cool mindedly you will accomplish it. She prays; he says he hasn’t got the models. She says she has an idea.
The head was worried where she get the money. Vikram suggests had she taken them from their safe.
Rachna was dressed in a bridal outfit. He adjusts the dress and looks at Rachna. She asks what are you looking, he says the day will come soon. She smiles saying aren’t you getting late today. He smiles. Mr. Tinwari says he is getting late, but KT says he do all his work keenly with no hurry. He calls Rachna; she comes in the spot light. Mr. Tinwari appreciates KT’s work and says that his company will be happy to work with him. KT says he must be a busy man, he leaves. KT comes to Rachna in the dressing room and was angry. He says how he was scrutinizing her, he wanted to kill her. Rachna laughs saying he isn’t as boring as he seems to be. He asks from which angle is he boring. She says this is office hours, you shall call me at 10 tonight, I will explain it to you then.
Mayank was worried that should he believe in Charu or is it another drama. GS was saying something to Charu and she was listening. He thinks is the bruise on her face, a mark of hitting. GS leaves the office, he hides; when Charu comes out he asks is it all ok. She says that it is nothing about him, they were married sometime but now they are only boss and employer. Mayank thinks is it the same Charu.
Gunjan and Rahul dug the soil, the head and his son watched this from the bushes. Gunjan asks will they find something, Rahul says he is sure there is. The find a box full of jewellery in it. Gunjan says the soil of the village saved us. Rahul says it is my village. The bring the box home, the head follows them home and as they sit in the room discussing about the gold price to be 2 hundred thousand Gunjan notices them there.
She says there was something but they overlook it and goes to hide it somewhere.
The head and Vikram enters the house, they search for every place for the box. Vikram throws a map while the head gets it. The head says that this is a map showing points and one of them is at the point they found the gold. He says that it means there is gold at the rest of places as well. Vikram says now he get where are they getting the money. The head says they must shake hands with them now. Someone knocks the door, in a quest to hide they leave the map there. Gunjan comes inside and finds the map on the floor. She asks Chiraya what the map is doing here. The head asks for the map to Vikram, he tells him he left it there. They feel disappointed. The head reminds that there was a point in the map where the gold was near the tree and a mount, they were about to dig when they hear someone coming. Rahul and Gunjan comes to the same point and Rahul says he is sure the gold is here. Gunjan asks where this gold came from, he tells her that there was a temple here which got dug in the ground but the priests dug the gold inside. The head says now they shall see how they take the gold.

PRECAP: Gunjan says to Rahul that betraying her, he would also not get anything. The head and Vikram became happy watching them. At Rahul’s place, he tells Gunjan they have been successful. The ladies come there and they all hug.

Update Credit to: Sona

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