Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with…
Gunjan & Rachana comes out of home.. Rachana is upset as there is no auto rickshaw coming the way ..
Gunjan teases rachana as why is so eager to reach college today? Rachana explains.. she has to reach early. Gunajan continues to tease.. Meantime they an auto come they hire it to college..

In Auto :
Gunjan says to rachana that… yesterday we have got good help from him. Rcahan asks.. about whom u r saying.. Gunajan replies that.. Vihaan , who else. Rachana starts to sigh. Gunjan asks Rachana to tell the truth.. now a days her heart beat singing Vihaan’s name. Rcahna narrates how Vihaan was with her and how he supported her. She is desperate to meet him but worried about parents.
Gunjan convinces rachana

as do what your heart says and she can be with vihaan, that itself will give lot of strength to face other issues. Then reminds about their ralley… Follow your Heart.. What one feels right, they should do that only.

Vihaan in deep thinking in his room. Looking at the slide show of his and Rachana’s .

Gunjan & Rachana reaches college. Rachana is searching for vihaan. Gunjan says she will have to meet Principal before the class starts. Rachana calls Vihaan. But he doesn’t pick the call and talks to himself ” I know you will sure call me.. you just wait and watch how today is going to be changed a lot.. ” tunrs off the slideshow and moves out of room.
@college: Rcahan is upset as Vihaan neither give a call nor he picked a call.

Vihaan with someone gives him money and asks no mistake should happen in the work.. it should happen in that way only he instructed.
Principal room: Principal watching at the Presentation of Gunjan’s on Eve teasing & Self Defence, and appreciates her plan and effort. He says there is a problem, that before starting it.. permission required from Chairman & Trustee of the college. And asks her to get minimum 50% of girls are in favour to class.
Gunajan says she will try her level best and leaves principal room.
Mayank parking his two wheeler. His colleague comes and appreciates Gunjan. Mayank feels proud of gunjan and calls her.. Othersie gunjan doesn’t pick call. Mayank gets tensed and calls to landline of home. Mayank’s mother picks call .. Mayank asks about gunjan , but she talks all nonsense about traffic on the way etc. And advices him, if he is worried about gunjan security and make her sit at home and don’t send outside.
@ College, Students gets sms about the SIGN UP process started by GUNAJAN about Selefdefence class.. Who are willing to join class they can signup at college canteen. . One by one few girls will come to Gunjan @canteen and sign up in the sheets. Gunjan moves to another place and gets signature from few more girls. But, Gunjan is not happy as only 37 girls have signed up. She is worried that why people are not coming up to sign, I have planned it for their benefit only. She expects 400 girls signature by tomrow.. if it doesn’t happen she wil have to find out another way.

Rachana Bedroom:
Rachana is waiting for VIHAAN’s phone call. She self talk ” To talk to parents and get their blessings”.
Meantime she gets Vihaan Call. Vihaan is somewhere going unconscious and screams on phone “Rachana , Jaldi aa jao , I don’t have time, please come fast” and falls on a table loses his conscious. Rachana gets so tensed about where exactly Vihaan is and in what condition he is now. She calls him back.. No response from other side. Rachana gets so tensed and gives a call to shalini.
Rachana gets shocked hearing upon shalini words.Rachana rushes out of room. Mayank sees rachana from back side on road, gets a doubt as if its rachana, but again ignores that it cant be rachana. He buys rose flower for gunjan.
Dining hall , ladies arranging things on table. Mayank enters home hiding the rose flower back side.
His mother sees the rose flower and takes it assuming he has brought it for him. Mayank lies as he brought it for her only as she likes roses very much. She asks Mayank to refresh and com for dinner quickly.
Mayank and Gunjan share some lite & love moments.
Rcahana is goes to smwhere inside a house shouting vihaan.. She sees hand of Vihaan and goes that side. Sees poison bottle near the hand But cant see the person clearly as his face was turned to other side.

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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