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Rachna talks to Lucky about school. He tells her there is soon a parent-teacher meeting. Rachna promises to come. Lalit’s wife brings qara for Lucky, and says to Rachna that it is her responsibility. Lalit peeks through the door, while Rachna looks at Lucky who says no. Rachna reluctantly offers him, and asks him to drink it please. He denies, but Rachna gives it to him. A breeze of air blows the curtains, and the glass fell down. Lalit comes and asks that she destroyed the whole qara. Lucky asks what is this, looking into the glass. Lalit asks to bring the sevant, Rachna goes to sent the servant. Lalit thinks thanks God, she didn’t know about the poison.
At night, Rachna keeps awake. Gunjan was also not sleeping, and asks what happened. Rachna says

she was thinking how she said yes to Aadi, though it is her life. Gunjan sits down, and says wasn’t he her dream man. Rachna sits up, and asks why is she worried and sad then. She touches Gunjan’s forehead to check if she is alright. Gunjan asks what shall she do. Rachna says she will know it better, as it is her life. She asked her only because she doesn’t appear to be happy, as a dream come true.
Om checks on the watch, and again feels the presence of Divia in the corridor. He doesn’t go behind her, saying this is his illusion. It can’t be Divia as she has betrayed him. Lucky comes to his room, and tells him he is afraid so can he sleep with him. Lalit and wife celebrates that their plans are working.
Rachna wakes Gunjan, Bindia comes to their room and asks Gunjan if she was still sleeping, she came to call them for breakfast. Gunjan is irritated, and asks has she got married that she has come to call them. Bindia says she has accepted him as husband, in her heart. She further says her Aadi has come too. Gunjan promises that she is coming.

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Aadi comes to Shayl and asks about Gunjan. She says Bindia has gone to wake her up, she will soon be downstairs. She says he must help her till then, and tells him to take all the rashan bags in the store room. He looks at it, and asks this is too much. Golu asks is he afraid, where his six packs have gone. Aadi takes it as challenge, and does this. Mayank comes there, and tells him Gunjan was looking for him. He gets excited and goes to see her. Shayl hopes everything gets well.
Mayank knocks the door, Gunjan opens it and smiles. He asks did she call him. She says no, but he doesn’t need any excuses to meet her. He asks why excuses, is he afraid of her fiancé. She says they are friends, and will stay friends forever. He asks what if her husband forbids her meeting him. She says she will leave him. Mayank asks is he so important for her. She says her breakfast is getting cold, and heads to leave. Mayank stops her way, and asks her to give his reply. She diverts his attention, calling Divia. Mayank still holds her hand. Gunjan says he is really important to her, he knows it well. He says this isn’t the answer to his question. She couldn’t get it. Bindia comes calling Mayank, Gunjan takes her hand back and leaves. Mayank was irritated, Bindia asks why is he angry. Mayank says she was doing a really important talk, she says his mummy is calling him.
Rachna comes to the Lucky’s house, thinking Om must have gone to work. She opens his room door and smiles and he slept with Lucky. She backs up, and the vase fell down. She shouts and wakes Om up. He asks what is she doing here. She says she thought he must have left, and was looking for Lucky. It is time for him to go to school. Lucky wakes up and cheers to see maa. Om leaves the room, while Lucky calls her. She goes to ask why he slept here. He says he had nightmares at night. Om comes and asks Lucky to get married. Lucky says she must not go anywhere till he returns, else he won’t take qara. They both leave the room, playing.
Aadi tells Gunjan he is really tired. Gunjan makes him sit and gives him water. Golu comes and teases him. Aadi says he is ready to do anything for his didi. Gunjan sends him to go and freshen up. Golu asks Gunjan to play a game, she will speak randomly the word that comes to her mind. He says morning – sunshine, fool- Aadi, Friend- Rachna, Partner-Mayank. She stops by, while Golu runs on Shayl’s call.

Precap: Gunjan runs after Mayank and catches him doing romance with Bindia.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I hope this track end soon , it’s not getting anywhere

  2. an impatient rabirian

    i also hope,normilla. missing kt so so so and so much.;(

  3. Hey gyus for a long tym i couldn’t watxh dis show…can anyone pls explain me whats happening in dis show.??gunjan and mayank weremarried nw mayank z wid brinda nd gunjan wid aadi hw come dis happen..??

  4. most disusting show at the moment, imagine gunjan forgot about her marraige, her husband and her in laws, but she remembers her childhood, her mother and father, how convenient. writers and producers you all are a laughing stock, worst crap ever!

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