Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th January 2013 Written Update

Gunjan escapes from Vihaan s grasp and says she will go home as she has lot of work at home. Vihaan says even his work is over. Gunjan says she is excited to see Rachna s reaction while Vihaan says she will be shocked Gunjan corrects him to say surprised not shocked. Shayl is making preparations for makar sankranti and bua is happy that Rachna s engagement is on an auspicious date. She prays to Surya dev. Sangeeta comes to wake charu as its already 9, charu is unhappy that in her mayka she could sleep till 11 or 12. Sangeeta puts her finger in hot tea and finally charu gets up. Sangeeta advises her to impress anyone as till now only Seema has acceptued her while the others have not. Seema comes in and Charu twists sangeeta s words and makes her the villain in front of seema. Shayl hrs checking all the arrangements and the sweets are not proper she sends it back. Seema taunts her saying she behaved like a guest in Mayank s wedding. Shayl gives it back and says dont make me open my mouth. Gunjan comes back shayl asks her where she was gunjan lies saying she was at chaya s place. Gunjan is lifting some gifts and they are about to fall mayank comes and helps her. She declines but mayank takes the gifts and leaves Charu stops him and asks to carry two bags and mayank asks her to carry it herself. Vihaan getting ready Savitri Devi comes and shows him a huge ring for her best bahu, vihaan admires it and says it will look good on her and smirks.

Shayl gets the engagement ring Gunjan admires it and then gives it to Rachna. They talk about being committed and Rachna says she will fulfill the promise. Gunjan then snatches it from her and teases her that she will put it on Vihaan Rachna does not gear properly and agrees. Rachna understands the teasing and is unhappy. Charu comes in and takes the hairdresser with her. Shayl gives Rachna a green suit and it gets stuck rachna is upset Gunjan runs to get a tailor. Vihaan tells Sd and his dad that he wants to come with Rajeev the most important person in his life . The dress is repaired and Rachna gets dressed. The Agarwals come including Rajeev. Chaya comes in and tells Rachna that Vihaan is looking nice. They open the window to see him. Shayl does arti for both rajeev and vihaan. Vihaan s eyes are searching for gunjan. Rachna is admiring him from the window. Vihaan walks to Gunjan and flirts a little saying he thought he forgot her gunjan compliments him he is today s hero while Vihaan gives her a side hug . Rachna is shocked to see this . Chaya teases her that laila s eyes are not leaving Majnu s. Charu and sangeeta come in and charu cribs that Rachna s luck is good as there have been no obstacles in her engagement and everything bad happened to her including the insults. Vihaan takes his friend in a corner and tells him now is the time to set their plan in motion his friend is hesitant and advises him not to. Vihaan tells him he wants to win and tells him to play his part. Gunjan is walking in a corridor and feels someone is following her she turns.

PRECAP: Vihaan s friend writes a note to gunjan with the pictures saying vihaan is planning to misuse these pictures. On the other hand vihaan and gunjan are talking closely. The door bell rings and gunjan in the dress she was dancing with vihaan in last episode opens it and is shocked

Update Credit to: vibz88

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