Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

The episode starts with Vidhi dressed in shirt and jeans coming into the house dressed all in a modern avatar and slaps her father. She calls them stupid and says that despite teaching they don’t understand anything and the money she gets is a waste. The policeman takes of his sunglasses and mustache to reveal its none other than Madhav. Mayank is walking towards the house. Vidhi gives the policemen some money for acting and tells them to leave. Madhav tells the father that he was just testing him to see how he will act when he faces the police. Vidhi is angry with them and scolds them saying that if the real police were to arrive they would be caught and sent to jail. Vidhi says if they want their part then they have to be careful and not

spoil her plan. Madhav suggests to Vidhi to ditch the old couple and to think of their marriage. Vidhi gets angry with the lady but she blames the man instead saying it was his fault. She shouts at them to be quiet and says they are fools but she is a bigger fool for having to plan this with them.Mayank arrives at the house and knocks on the door. All of them are shocked that he has come to the house. He keeps knocking and asking if anyone is at home. Vidhi makes Madhav hide under the bed.

Part 2

Natulal comes to open the door for Mayank and his fake beard and mustache fall. He realises this and pretends to sneeze and covers his face. He tells Mayank he is not keeping well since the death of his son-in-law. Natulal asks Mayank what brings him to their house and Mayank says he left and important file and will search for it. They get scared seeing him search the house. The wife pretends to be sad and starts crying. While Natulal pretends to pacify her. He then tries to rub salt making Mayank feel guilty by saying seeing Mayank it reminds him of his son-in-law. The wife wonders why he is covering his face and he shows her his missing mustache. She screams in shock and Mayank turns to see. Natulal tells the wife to search for his mustache. They both start looking for it and the wife spots it on the floor. She shouts that she found it. Mayank thinking its his file turns but she says no she didn’t and will help him look. She passes the fake mustache to Natulal who puts it on. Mayank comes and tells Natulal that he can’t find his file anywhere. Mayank asks about Vidhi adn they say she is at a friend’s place. Mayank then says he will look for his file in the room. They are both worried.

Part 3

Vidhi is tying her saree and complains that in a hurry she can’t do it properly. Mayank walks into the room to see Vidhi there. She quickly tries to hide her jeans underneath with the saree. Mayank apologizes and says he came looking for his file and says that her mother said she had gone to a friend’s house but she is here. Vidhi says that she came home and wanted to change her clothes and hence didn’t get to talk to her parents and that’s why they were unaware. Madhav under the bed sneezes and Vidhi pretends like she was the one who sneezed and tells Mayank that due to the weather she got a cold. She then starts asking Mayank when will she go to her in-laws place and he says soon. Mayank tells her he thinks his file is under the bed. She is scared that he might see Madhav and as he is about to bend she stops him saying that he underclothes are under as she was in a hurry and says she will see if his file is under. She bends and Madhav passes her the file. She gives it to Mayank and Mayank says he will leave. She says her heart is saddened when he talks about leaving and asks what time he will be back and Mayank replies at 9 and leaves. Natulal tells Mayank to come sharp at 9 as he can’t see tears in his daughter’s eyes. He says that he knows Mayank’s address and Mayank promises to be on time.

Part 4

Gunjan is thinking how Mayank says that she is all he needs and that he refused to stay back home and instead look worried and said he had an important meeting to go for. Rachana comes and frightens Gunjan. Gunjan is shocked and says she got scared. Gunjan tells Rachana that she feel for the past 2 days Mayank has been hiding something from her and she noticed when they way he hugged her seemed like he was relieved of something. Gunjan says he also told her his friend met with an accident but didn’t say it involved his car. Rachana is worried and shocked and asked if he was hurt. Gunjan says no and tells her not to tell the family as they will be worried. Gunjan says he usually tells her everything. Rachana says not to think so much and that afterall that happened he must have forgotten. Rachana says what Gunjan and Mayank shares is special and not to let anything come in between. Rachana tells Gunjan not to doubt Mayank. She then says how she wishes to have someone who she can trust and trusts her too. Gunjan says that Rachana is one in a million and whomever loves her will treat her like a queen. Gunjan then says she thought of bringing for Mayank home food for their lunch date. Rachana says its cute and they have got such a good understanding. Vidhi is getting angry at Madhav as well as the fake parents and Madhav says they were overacting. The lady says that Natulal had loss his mustache and she had to find it for him. Madhav tells Vidhi to scam someone they need smart people and to get rid of the old couple. The lady says that Natulal is not doing it right but she is. He gets angry at the lady saying that no one can chase him out and that he is the leader. He tells Madhav to get loss and they start bickering. Vidhi then shouts at them to be quiet and says they have to think what to do with their golden goose and how to trap and him and squeeze all from him. She says Mayank is also pretty cute and has a plan to trap him.

Episode Ends

Vidhi and Natulal are at Mayank’s office. She says she will go in and tells him to find out about Mayank. Mayank sees them and wonders how did they get the address and find the place. He sees Gunjan too and wonders where to go.

Update Credit to: happygirl123

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