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Lucky’s father wakes up with a lady calling him Om, as she walks in the corridors of the house. He runs after her she runs downstairs and goes into the room. He follows but the door is locked. Lalit comes and handles him, asks him to be calm as there is no one. He opens the door for him, but Om goes in calling Divia. Om says yesterday, in Lucky’s birthday party as well it was Divia. Lalit says it was just Rachna. Om runs out, while Lalit claps to call his wife out. She shows him the recording of his bhabi’s voice. She says we shall now clean the room. Lalit says soon, we will clean not only the room but the house as well.
In the morning, Dayal asks Rachna how her work is going. There is still a lot to be done. Mayank comes for breakfast as well. He and Gunjan puts hand on

the bowl together, both leave it at once. The door bell rings. Seema opens the door, Aadi’s friends held him and says he is ill, and didn’t sleep all night. Gunjan was also worried. The friends say that he has a viral infection, and there in so one to take care of him in hostel. Gunjan is his wife to be, may be she can take care of him. Mayank says Aadi will live here. They were all shocked, while Mayank takes him in the room. Aadi looks at him, and Mayank smiles. Both gets determined to get victory.
Lalit comes to the room, and asks Om where he is going. Lucky stood with the medicines and insists on him to take them. Rachna comes there and takes Lucky to send him to school. Lalit insists that he must not go office today, and must take medicine for the sake of Lucky. Om agrees, makes a call to send the files home. He throws the medicines and says he doesn’t need them.

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Seema watches Gunjan making Aadi eat, as he lies on the bed in the lounge. She calls Bindia- her daughter in law to be. Bindia says she will work for sure, and asks her to sit down. Seema blesses her, and gives her damp red chillies. Aadi says to Gunjan that he will never make her work this much. Mayank says he is unable to cut an apple himself right now. Gunjan smiles and heads to bring medicines. Her heels slip and foor twists on the stairs. Mayank runs to hold her foot, Aadi also jumps from bed to go to her. Aadi disperse the nearby lying chillies, and Bindia shouts of burning. Mayank blows her face, holding it while Gunjan gets attracted towards them. Aadi caresses for foot. Bindia says they seem too good, just as made for each other, like her and Mayank. Mayank turns curtly.
Rachna can’t handle the papers due to high fans. Om puts weight on them, and says whatever happened yesterday shouldn’t have happened. He is sorry. Rachna stops her, and says she will forgive him only when he will take the medicine. She found it outside his room. A workman comes to call her, and she leaves. Om takes the medicines from the table, and drinks it there with water. Rachna peeks at him, and leaves happily.
Lalit and wife mix something in a drink. His wife says , they have to do self service in the house doing hardwork. Lalit says his position is lower than servants as well, to rule here they must do hard work. He mixes poison in it and says he will drink it for one week and will die. Rachna will make him drink it, she will go to jail and Lucky’s dad will go to mental hospital.
Aadi comes to Gunjan’s room, but he sends him out. He watches Mayank passing by, and comes out askng is there any lipstick stain on his cheek or elsewhere. Mayank holds his fist, saying he knows Gunjan so well, she will never do such thing. Aadi asks why not, as he loves Gunjan and they are going to marry soon. Mayank leaves, while Seema hears this all and is worried .

PRECAP: Gunjan says to Mayank that he doesn’t need any reasons to meet her. He asks what if her husband forbids her to meet him. She says she will leave him. Mayank stops her and asks is he so important.

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