Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with dayal telling mayank that yesterday night which accidnet took place has same color like his car and gopal asks mayank and gunjan where were they, seema tells just now he has come and let him rest and he goes, mayank goes In room and is tensed and closes eyes and is on bed and gunjan comes smiling and sits near him and starts pressing his head and then he suddenly gets up with anxious face and says oh its you and gunjan says she thought of pressing his head, he says yeah ok, gunjan then tells him that today stay home and lets get romantic today, mayank remembers of nathulalji and tells her no and tells today he cant wait as he has an important meeting, gunjan says ok and gives him towel for refreshing himself and then he tells gunjan that

lets go for lunch today and gunjan says what you are asking me for lunch and mayank says yes and says he does not like her sad and lets go for a lunch date and she gets happy and he goes for refreshing.

There kt and rachna are working and kt then goes in to take something and sonal is feeling jealous and goes at rachna and tells her please go home as kt has to take breakfast and tells her that you do the work at home and complete it and rachna tells ok and packs everything and sonal then tells her to be alert as her and kts pic had come in paper and so be alert as it does not look good for her with such a big designer, rachna says nothing.

There gunjan is getting ready and she is happy that mayank is taking her for date and she removes dresses and then she suddenly gets a call and then a mechanic says that they gave car for repair and the cost will be 35000 and gunjan says no its wrong number and then mechanic says the number of he car and gunjan says what and then she says what mayank acr accident took place and he did not tell her and she calls him and asks about this and he is shocked so mayank tells that rishabh was only driving and he was on driver seat and that’s why there are 100problems after accident that’s why he didn’t tell her, she says ok and tells she will tell to repair the car and keeps the phone and says to herself that why was mayank getting so scared to tell me about accident.

There rachna is going when kt sees and stops her and then sonal interrupts and tells its ok let her go and even you have to eat breakfast and then rachna tells kt you have breakfast and she will come after doing the work. Dadi then comes with breakfast in and tells kt she brought his favorite that is aloo parathas and gives him and sonal that time says in mind that she will not leave this dadi as she comes at wrong time every time.

There mayank gets his boss’s call and boss tells him that today there is a meeting and he has to come early and mayank keeps he phone and remembers he kept his office papers at nathulaji’s home so he has to go there fast and bring it and mayank goes there.

There at nathulajis home mom is telling they should tell vidhi and she cant bear this more, suddenly the house door is banged and nathulaji opens the door and there are 3 policemen and there mayank reaches the village and he parks his bike out and says he will walk at nathulaji’s home.

There the main officer enters the house and he asks that yesterday and accident took place and he wants to know the truth, nathulal tells no and tells he does not know anything and then officer shouts and tells he whats to know the truth and then nathulal tells ohhh that accident and tells it was just a small accident which happened as he was a witness and mom tells yes they were witness and it was small accident, officer shouts mom and tells her just shut up as he has not asked her that she is telling him and he has asked nathulal, then officer asks nathulal that were is the dead body and were has he hidden it and he knows everything about the accident, there mayank is coming walking by and then a man looking at him throws a knife at him and it goes and get stuck on a tree ahead him, mayank gets scared and is looking here and there to fine who threw and suddenly the man comes there and tells him that he knows everything and he will tell about accident to that girl if he doesn’t give him money and he wants 5000rupees and mayank tells ok but don’t tell anyone and he gives him 3000rupees and tells he has only this much now and man takes and tells its ok for now and he runs away, mayank looks at him.

There at home officer tells nathulal that he knows that he is hiding something and the man whom he has made his son in law and this is his card and officer has his card also, then officer tells his constables to arrest them both and they are arresting when nathulal falls on officers legs and asks forgiveness and tells that man is not my son in law and I am sorry, officer asks then tell me who is he, from behind a woman comes and tells she will tell him.

Precap: mayank is coming at nathulajis house and the woman slaps nathulal and the officer who was actually disguised removes his moustache and goggles and it is the real son in law, nathulal tells madhav you.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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