Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 12th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shayl finalize the jewelers. Seema says they are thinking about doing the marriage in two weeks. Bindia says that there will be so many functions, and feels excited. She says that she wants to do Teeja fast for Mayank. Gunjan says she never listened to it. Bindia says it is kept for the husband, and is for 24 hours. Seema thinks about getting the birth-charts matched. Bindia says she wants a husband like him for the seven lives. Mayank says that she should first let this birth take place. Mayank says that till three weeks there isn’t any date, but Seema says there is one date in two weeks.
Lucky’s dad pulls Rachna down at him and says he asked her a lot to stay, and return to him but she didn’t stay. She went away from him, now why has she returned. When he is asking her

to leave, why doesn’t she. He let her straighten up. He fells asleep, Rachna gets rid of her hand and thinks what had happened which caused him so much pain. Why Lucky’s maa left.
Aadi says to Mayank that he is lucky to have a big family, and celebrate his marriage. He has no one, and it seems his marriage will take place in a temple. Gunjan’s dad is also angry, but he only wants the blessings of God. His only treasure is Gunjan, who smiles. He requests them if they can marry on the same mandap on which Mayank and Bindia are getting married. Gunjan was shocked, while Aadi thinks how did you like my plan, Mayank uncle. Gunjan asks what is he saying. Aadi says he wants to give Gunjan a proper wedding, with the blessings. He says he knows she is like a family to them, they won’t ever say no. Gunjan was nervous, and says it must be difficult to manage two marriages and she must have so many plans for Mayank’s marriage. Seema says Yes… Aadi shouts that he knew she would agree, and touches Seema’s feet. Seema looks at Gunjan, who smiles. Seema smiles curtly, then keeps hand on his head. Aadi asks Gunjan if she has agreed. Gunjan nods, leaving everyone shocked. Bindia thinks he is a bigger drama than her.
Alok comes to Rachna, she says that she shouldn’t have come this way. She says it seems that his brother is unable to come out of Divia’s leaving, incident. But God always gives from one hand, when he takes from the other. She takes a leave.
Alok smiles and says that a good brother like him. God must never give him a brother like him.
Someone enters the room of Lucky’s dad, it was ALok. He says does he know people think him mad because of his shouting, and rage. Why he do such thing, why he goes out of hands. He sits beside him and says that if he keeps on doing so, his plan will get successful. And he appointed Rachna deliberately, so that he looks at her again and again and remember your unfaithful wife. This world will think you mad, and I kill Lucky slowly to own your property. He thinks his wife giving Lucky some drink. He will keep drinking his poisoned qarha, and meet God. And Rachna will become responsible for this, and go to jail. He looks at Divia’s photo and says where you have gone bhabi, and what kind of a mother she is that she left her child to such wild crazy people. He laughs.
Aadi offers Bindia to drop her, as she is also leaving. Bindia says Mayank will drop her, Mayank agrees. She takes a leave, touching the feet of Shayl and Seema. Aadi says bye to Gunjan giving her flying kiss. She smiles. Gunjan goes to her room, giving Seema and Shayl a smile.
Seema says to Shayl that it seems they are losing the game, it has got to the decoration of stage, what if there really get married. Both were worried. Shayl says that she will have to talk to Aadi and say no to him. Seema agrees.
Outside, Bindia says to Mayank that Aadi wasn’t in the original story. It seems they will really have to get married and asks him if he has think about a plan. Mayank asks why he should tell her. Bindia says she isn’t crazy to know, but if he has some she will have to change her acting. Mayank says she must remember, she will be called when required and gives her payment. She says he must think about a long-term hiring, as she watches this getting prolonged. He must raise her salary, and leaves. Aadi watches this. Mayank says the matter is getting complex. He goes inside. Aadi says that the game has begun now.
Gunjan was at the terrace and says why she feels so. Mayank’s her friend and a good one. He is getting married, she must be happy for him but she isn’t liking it at all, neither for him, nor for herself. Mayank comes there and asks what is she thinking. She gets disturbed, and says everything is alright. He says he knows what she must be thinking, she asks what. He says that he is also thinking the same, these are called pre-wedding nervousness. He takes her hand and tells her to relax as everything will get alright. She hopes so. He says he was thinking what if there was someone else on bike, than Aadi. If he (Mayank) was there. Gunjan says there is no point is assumptions, the fact is that Aadi is special in her life and Bindia in his. She says he is right, she is just a bit nervous and must sleep. They cross each others paths, turns to look at each other, smile, think about each other again.

PRECAP: Aadi was in Gunjan’s room, when he watches Mayank passing by and asks him if there is some stain of lipstick on his cheek or neck. Mayank takes him by collar, then leaves. Seema overhears.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. God , I can’t wait for Kt to come back , miss him a lot

    1. really is he coming back because I read that bittu is coming back and I did not see kt’s return

      1. Where did you read that bittu is coming back ?

  2. I really don’t know why this show is still on tv?

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