Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 12th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with mayank seeing gunjan in dream and he gets up and says gunjan and he catches her hand but on realizing he understands it is vidhi(wife) and leaves her hand and is sad, vidhi blushes and goes out running in hall, then mayank is sad and he goes out and there vidhi tells she will bring hot tea for him and she goes. mayank tells nathulalji that now he has to go and he cant stay like this and he also has responsibilities and he also has a family and he has to meet them and please let me go, nathulalji says ok but how will he go and how can they believe that he will come back, mayank tells he has already given his number, vidhi comes out and she gives him tea and tells lets go to temple and then tells him that after coming from temple they can

go as she has packed her bag, mayank gets sad and shocked and tells no as he go afterwards, she tells him that one should never say no to go to god and as their new relationship has started so lets go and pray god, mayank tells that no he will go next time as he has to take new clothes as his bag was left in the bus and so he also has to take new bag. Vidhi says ok and goes to temple. Mayank then tells nathulalji that please he has to go and mom says that how cant they believe and he should give them something for which he will have to come to take it, mayank removes his driving license and gives them and tells that for this he has to come to take, he is allowed to go.

In morning at kts home kt is sleeping and his girlfriend sonal comes in and she brings coffee for him and sits near him and she moves her hand around his face and wakes him up and he tells her that what is she doing in his room and she tells him that does she have to take permission for this also and she gets sad and he tells sorry and tells no and tells not for that but one should follow the rules of a country and its religion wherever they go and in india one should not enter in boy’s room without permission. She says ok and he gets up and then she hugs him and puts hands around shoulders and then tells him that this house will soon be theirs and she tells that if any other beautiful Indian girl impresses him then what will happen and suddenly bell rings and sonal opens the door and rachna is there and she says why so early and kt comes and tells he called her and they go in office and are discussing about designs.

There at home, gunjan is tensed and she is sad and watering plants and after that she goes in house and turns back and goes ahead and from behind mayank comes and gunjan turns behind and she gets happy and then goes and hugs mayank and asks why he came so late and she understands the friend accident and then mayank is continuously hugging her and then he tells her he will never leave her, seema and shail see from kitchen and say they both love each other and they both go fro breakfast.

There kt and rachna are discussing about designs and sonal comes and tells kt his designs are so cool and good and she also wants such a design for her dress, kt tells rachna to make a design for her, sonal tells that what will she make and how will she understand what she wants, kt then tells sonal that instead she should wear an Indian dress and rachna will design and she can also ramp walk for them, she tells ok and tells they will have to take appointment for that.

There gunjan and mayank go at the table and there shail and dholus dad tell that yesterday which accident took place and the car had same colour and model as his car. Mayank gets shocked.

Precap: gunjan gets a call of a garage person and tells that the quotation which they gave for car, gunjan tells sorry wrong number but mechanic tells the number of the car, gunjan gets shocked, she calls mayank and asks him about his car..

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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  1. ashwini singh

    That’s lame, the writer should focus more on KT and Rachna’s story. Mayank and Gunjan had their chance of the scene for far too long now, its getting boring

  2. Ashwini Singh I totally agree wit you…

  3. This story line is really a waste of time. I mean let’s make sense of it do people kill people whether it’s an accident or otherwise without the police getting involved? How is it possible that mayank killed someone and is saying sorry to the survivors of the victims.
    Mayank is an adult with a family is it really true that in India people can demand u do things against ur will? Omg! Can the writers please write something more realistic and not vain?

  4. ok then stop watching its not by force

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