Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th October 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the politician’s assistant giving the politician details about Gunjan. She wants to meet Gunjan as soon as possible. Gunjan is sitting in the room and Mayank comes and appologizes for his mother’s behaviour and that she shouldn’t have made Gunjan work as she as she came back from the rally. Gunjan tells Mayank that women are strong for having to handle a lot of work from the time they wake up till they go to sleep. Mayank agrees with her. Mayank says that even Gunjan is an ideal student, daughter-in-law and wife but Gunjan feels that she will become ideal only when she is able to convince Seema. Shail comes and says that even that day will come soon. She tells Shail that she sees Gunjan in Sneha and even Sneha was against

any immoral in college days. Shail says Sneha will be happy adn proud with Gunjan for what she has done and says that she misses Sneha. Rachana is thinking of Vihaan and her phone rings. ys. Shail says Sneha will be happy adn proud with Gunjan for what she has done and says that she misses Sneha. Rachana is thinking of Vihaan and her phone rings. Shail comes and gives Rachana her clothes and Rachana doesn’t pick up the call. Rachana tells Shail she takes care of even the smallest thing. Rachana then asks Shail if Dayal is angry with her going to Gunjan’s rally and Shail says no and infact since they returned from Delhi he speaks of her fashion show. Rachana says behind his anger is his lover for her. Shail says that he trusts the girls but doesn’t trust society. Rachana says all wouldn’t be possible without Shail. Gunjan comes and says that Shail is responsible for changing Dayal. Gunjan then says that she needs Rachana’s help for a project. Shail then tells Dayal that he doesn’t know how happy Rachana is after coming back from Delhi. She says that his trust and support has made her happy. Dayal says he never thought that instead of stopping Rachana he should support her instead. Gunjan is practicing some kind of talk show on the terrace and asks Rachana what her opinion is that a girl should do to ensure her safety. Rachana says that the girl should carry pepper spray and inform the family where she is going.

Gunjan then asks what Mayank’s opinion is as a guy. Mayank jokingly says that a girl should carry a knife in their bag. Gunjan says that he’s not serious and says she’s brainstorming as the principle told her to come up with ideas. Rachana then says girls should learn self defence to be able to defend themsleves in time of need. Gunjan says its a good idea. Mayank then says the guys will be beaten up then and jokingly tells Gunjan not to beat him. She then starts chasing him around. Rachana watches and smiles. Vihaan is thinking about Rachana. Vihaan thinks that one day Rachana will call him and that she misses him. Rachana saying to herself that she can’t say it to him but she misses him. Vihaan says that one day she will confess her love for him. Rachana wakes up late and looks at her phone and sees the miss call from Vihaan and says she’s eager to meet him. Vihaan is discussing with his friends about doing something. His friends ask him if he’s sure about it and he says yes whether he is supported or not. Gunjan helps Mayank get ready for office and gives him a kiss. He says he doesn’t want to spend time away from her. Gunjan tells him to go to work and come back on time as she will be waiting. Prabhu tells Seema he won;t be getting his tea since she is so busy preparing before Mayank goes to work. Seema tells him he won’t understand. She then call out to Gunjan and decides to go to their room. She gives Mayank a handkerchief which he is about to refuse but Gunjan signals him not to. Seema then drags Mayank out of the room. He reluctantly leaves. But then tells her he forgot a file goes back hugs Gunjan kisses her and leaves. Vihaan says all should be ready for tonight by 9. Vihaan says just a little while more Rachana.

Episode Ends


Rachana thanks Vihaan for all the help. She says she can live her life without Vihaan and it maybe difficult in the beginning but she will do it. Vihaan is angry and pulls at things and upturns a table.

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