Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan gets Aadi holding hand on Aadi, who makes up that he was suggesting to wear some stylish clothes as he looks good. Gunjan says it isn’t needed, Mayank is good the way he has, they need to change Bindia as Mayank has to spend his whole life with her. Mayank says that now Bindia is the center of his life, Gunjan leaves taking her phone. Aadi leaves. Mayank says that todays, your eyes have said all Gunjan, it will soon come on your tongue as well. The birthday party goes on, Lucky’s dad stands on the balcony. Alok comes to invite him, as he won’t be there in his Lucky’s party. Lucky comes calling Gunjan, then asks his chichi where is maa. His dad calls him, Lucky hugs and says that in the past he used to come to the party. Lucky’s dad says his mother can’t come to the

party. Lucky insists he won’t cut the cake, till maa comes. He runs away, Alok’s wife goes to bring him.
All the ladies select jewellery. Gunjan comes there, somewhere lost. Shayl asks her to come, join them and select some for her. She says she is ok, but Seema invites her. Bindia shows her the jewellery she has selected. Mayank comes from behind, Gunjan see his shadow in the table. She and Bindia place hand on the same set, Bindia asks does she want this. Gunjan says it doesn’t matter, he is hers and leaves. She confronts Mayank, then goes inside. The ladies smile in content. Mayank says he doesn’t want this that Gunjan becomes sad because of him. Shayl stops him.
Chachi drags Lucky, when Rachna comes wearing anklet and saree; just the way of Lucky’s mother. Lucky’s dad gets into his past, as Lucky hugs her. Lucky says he told him she will come here, for sure. Lucky’s dad recalls his rage, what she did Simran, she betrayed and left him.

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Looking at Rachna, he gets enraged, holds her by her arm and shouts that he has said a lot of times that there is no place for her. Why doesn’t she go away from him, his house and child. He takes her to the wall, and tightly holds her neck to kill her. Rachna shouts, while Alok and Kaka get hold of him. Alok’s wife takes Rachna, while the staff injects Lucky’s dad of relaxant. From the balcony also, he said he will kill Rachna.
Gunjan was in the sitting room, Mayank comes and asks did she like the necklace so much. Gunjan says she will like something else. Mayank says does it means she will not get her first choice, she won’t even try for it. Gunjan says if everyone gets happy for the second choice. Mayank asks does she really think like this.
Lucky sits besides hi dad, and asks him not to get angry and his maa has promised never to leave them. Rachna comes there, he asks her to tell his papa she won’t leave them. She was afraid, and thinks what she should do. Lucky asks his dad to open his eyes. Rachna recalls what Alok had said about him. Rachna comes forward and takes him out, saying he should let papa rest. Lucky’s dad holds her hand, and opens his eyes. He holds Rachna closer to him.
Bindia comes to Mayank and Gunjan. She asks Gunjan to hold the mirror and asks Mayank to put this necklace on her neck. Mayank looks at Gunjan’s face, while helping Bindia with the necklace. She looks at it skeptically, then says she doesn’t deserve this; Gunjan has a right on it, she must take it. She smiles that she isn’t talking about Mayank, but only this necklace. She holds the mirror herself, and asks Mayank to help Gunjan with it. Gunjan touches the necklace, Mayank was smiling while Gunjan was sad. Bindia says that now this is perfect. Aadi watches this from the doorway. Bindia asks Mayank should they give it to Gunjan. Mayank says Gunjan will decide by herself, and leaves. Bindia says that it seems he has got angry, and follows him calling she won’t give the necklace. Aadi thinks that he is losing the game.

PRECAP: Aadi requests them to marry on the same stage, on which Mayank and Bindia are getting married.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. this is a next waste of time show tooooo much stupid storylines all of a sudden nanhe is out of the picture what ever became of his grandma and family then all of a sudden rachna looks like a little boys mother a set of nonsense going on with husband and wife mayank and gunjan poor storyline bringing in ugly face adi poor poor poor this soap also loose it substance bullllllll

  2. Adi need a denture fix lol

  3. This used to be one of zeetv’s best show and now what a flop storyline. K.t is gone and now rachna is a look alike and gunjan has gotten stupid can’t remember her husband but remembers her father. Fire this storywriter asap.

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