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Mayank is in office, his secretary comes and asks him for a leave. He tells her to give the file to Mrs. Segal. She tells him that Mrs. Segal has asked him to wait as she will meet him in 15 minutes.
Rachna is busy in work. KT asks didn’t she leave, everyone has left. She says that her work isn’t done. KT says that your parents will ask me, we will do the rest of the work tomorrow. She says she will take all the things with her.
Mayank impatiently waits for the meeting; he says it is two hours of waiting now. Charu calls him and asks him to come to her office. In her cabin she was busy with work, when she gets free he asks what you wanted to discuss with me. She smiles and says that we should remove the veil from between the office work. She keeps hands on his shoulders and

says that we both know what I want. It is your responsibility to oblige what the boss wants. He begins to argue but she keeps finger on his lips. She says that you have signed a 3 years contract with us, you will have to do what I ask for. Charu calls her, he comes back from his day dreaming. She says says I am sorry you had to wait, I had to discuss the project with you, but right now I have to complete this presentation. She asks him for help. He gets angry and says that I aint a fool, I know why you stopped me after the office is empty. I love Gunjan, I signed the contract so I will do the office work but nothing else. He leaves.
Shayl brings milk for Rachna, as she was busy with her work. She promises she will drink later, Shayl keeps hand on her head and leaves. At late night, Rachna fells asleep busy with the work. Shayl comes to wake her up at 8 in the morning. Rachna asks what time it is, she urges that she has an important meeting today and also denies the breakfast. Shayl smiles then thinks she must talk to KT, he is taking too much work from her daughter.
KT instructs Rachna with the work. She feels dizzy, but says she is alright upon asking. He sends her to store-room but she faints in the workshop. KT shouts her name.
Mayank thinks its good I am early today in the office, before that Charu has comes.Charu was in her cabin. Mayank asks Sheetal in his office did she keep the office. He asks Sheetal when did Mrs. Segal come? She says she thinks Charu didn’t left the office.
KT sits besides Rachna as she wakes up. She gets up and says I am sorry KT you asked me to bring the satin powder. He tells her to sit and asks what happened to her. She says she is just following her orders as he had said that work is important. He asks did she eat something. She says no, he says we are going to lunch. She says that their work isn’t done right now. He keeps hands on hers and says that you were right when you said that at times we forget our personal life in our work stress, so relax. She smiles.
GS was in Charu’s office when Mayank comes. He was insulting her for not getting done with the presentation. He said you wanted a life of luxury but doesn’t want to work. Last night also, you must be in some club. Mayank knocks the door, GS hugs Charu. Mayank asks that Mrs. Segal asked for some presentation. He says right now she is busy. He asks Charu did you really asked for help. Mayank comes out and thinks that last night Charu was genuinely asking for his help.
Rachna and KT come to lunch. KT says he will order, Rachna asks him to guess her favourite food. He makes guesses, she denies eachl; then asks you don’t know about my choice. He asks do you know mine, she calls the waiter and orders all her favorite dishes.
KT gives Rachna her favorite film’s tickets. She thanks him. He says that they must eat now or will get late for film.
In the village, Rahul and Gunjan beat the plates while the villagers gather there. Vikram’s men points to it. Gunjan, Rahul and Chiraya present a skit on the problems of village. One of the villager asks why are they starting these new demands, what does they want.
Rachna comes home tired. Shayl asks is she tired; she must take some days off and rest. Rachna thinks here I am coming after watching the film and mummy thinks I am tired of work. She asks Shayl to bring milk. The bag drops from Shayl’s hand and she sees the tickets.

PRECAP: Gunjan announces that I will bring electricity to each house in one week. They march with the lit torch, after a while other females join them too.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Did dey have to bring charu back! 3rd time charu is back in this serial! How boring

  2. I am sure she is not changed

  3. i think kt should tell rachna’s [parent’s how he feels before it is tooo late…too many lies will lead them into more trouble.

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