Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky is afraid from someone and runs on the stairs. He says no to a man who forwards his hand to him. Rachna wakes up with the nightmare, and thinks what has happened to Lucky. She calls him but no replies. She says she must go and see. She gets ready. Gunjan wakes up and asks where she is going. Rachna says she must go and see if something might have happened to Lucky. Gunjan makes her sit, and says that was a night mare only. Rachna says that Lucky isn’t safe in that room, she must go and check.
Lucky’s dad finds him asleep in the room. He moves to him, looks back. Someone behind the door hides. He takes a pillow and moves towards Lucky. He was about to push it down on Lucky’s face when Rachna calls and stops him. She says she saw he was going to kill Lucky. He tells her

to be quiet. Rachna says she won’t stay quiet now. He says he was just going to put the pillow below his head, and who is she to ask, Lcuky wakes up and says they both came to wake him up like the old days. Rachna sits besides him and says Happy Birthday to him. He hugs and thanks her.
Lucky’s dad tells him that his present is there, on the table. Lucky cheers and opens it up. It was a sword, he hugs him and says thank you to him saying he knew he wanted this. Lucky’s dad stops him, and asks him to get ready for school. Rachna says what to think about him.
Seema asks Shayl why Gunjan doesn’t say to Mayank that she loves him. Shayl tells her to stay calm. Seema says she just want to kill that Aadi. Shayl stops her when Gunjan and Golu comes playing hide and seek. Mayank comes in Gunjan’s way, and holds her in his arms. Prabhu comes and places hand on Golu’s eyes. Aadi stands on the door and watches this all. Seema and Shayl laugh to get them separated. Mayank takes a leave, but Gunjan leaves first. The ladies notice Aadi there, Seema asks why is he here, again.
Rachna helps Lucky get ready for school. He was excited about his new toys. She thinks about her dream and asks him how is everyone at home, with him. Do they treat him well. Lucky says they are all good. Dad was good before she had left, but now she is back so he is again good to him. He asks her to stay for his birthday party in the evening. She says he knows he has to go, daily. He begins to cry. Rachna wipes his tears, when Kaka comes to take him. She stops Kaka, but ALok comes and says his brother wasn’t like this always. He loved his wife, but she cared for nothing. She made him suffer disrespect
Alok requests her not to discuss the topic again. He leaves, Kaka following him.
Gunjan comes into the room, disturbed. She says no, this is all wrong. She is about to get married, Mayank too; then why is she feeling this al. She hears someone coming inside, it was Aadi. He asks all well? Is that Mayank teasing her? She says it is nothing like that, how he came here without informing. She smiles but curtly. Seema was angry, and says she will tell Gunjan everything before it is too late.
Aadi holds Gunjan’s hands, and says he wants them to have their own little house. He loves her a lot, and will always keep her happy. Gunjan was distressed. He asks does she not love him now. She gets her hands off, and says that this is all quick, she isn’t able to digest it. Seema comes there. Gunjan says she has an intimacy with Mayank, so he must not make a pressure on her taking marriage. She watches Seema standing there.
Rachna cleans the walls. The workmen come to stop her, but she says they must have come before. She will manage it now, and sends them to another room. The bucket of blue color fells off her clothes. ALok’s wife comes to take her along, and says she will give her some clothes as she will have to stay here for the birthday party.
Aadi asks Gunjan to go out. Mayank stops Seema, but she moves on and says to Gunjan she wants to talk to her. Mayank says it is ok if she is going somewhere, they must talk later. But Seema isn’t ready. Shayl also stops her. Seema says to Gunjan that she can’t go out with Adi. Aadi asks why not. Seema says because the jeweler is just coming, Mayank’s wedding is near and she has to be here. Will she help them select the jewellery? Gunjan says she will help, but they must call Bindia too. Her choice matters, and she couldn’t also spend much time with her. Mayank says he will just text Rachna. Gunjan apologizes Aadi, he says it is ok. Aadi thinks there is something wrong here. Seema takes Gunjan along her. Aadi confronts Mayank, taking him by collar. He says to Mayank, he had told him to stay away from Gunjan. Mayank jerks her hands down and asks it seems he doesn’t have a 100% trust on his love. Aadi held his hand up on Mayank, when Gunjan comes there.

PRECAP: Bindia asks Gunjan if she wanted this set. Gunjan says what makes difference by what she wants. It is all yours.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Die hard fan of JA


  2. this soap has just become utter nonsense no booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    I cannot watch this anymore shittttttttttttttttttt

    1. who told you to watch this… i think it is getting better slowly… have some patience without patience you will not achieve anything :p

      1. Thank you !!!well said

  3. weird episode i didn’t even understand a bit of it

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