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Mayank comes home and asks for Shayl. Seema comes and says that she has think all about it, with your new job we will bring the new furniture and get the house painted. They suggest that their entire neighborhood want to ride in his new car. Mayank thinks that what they must think when he will tell them he wants to leave the job. Seema asks what he wanted to ask from shayl. He says he wanted to ask about Gunjan as he couldn’t contact her. He comes into his room and thinks about what Charu had said in his office today. He sees Gunjan’s photo and asks why you aren’t with me when I need you the most.
Chiraya’s dad comes and calls her mom. She asks did it work. He says that it is good that they didn’t get the news about what happened. They agreed. Chiraya comes; her mom tells

her that her father has fixed her marriage. Chiraya says that I stayed here for you people only; I know what Gunjan suffered for us even when she wasn’t from this village. She asks that shouldn’t we help her. Till when will we keep waiting for God to come himself to help us.
Gunjan struggles to get water for herself. Someone throws a stone and breaks the soil bath. It was Vikram, all his men laughed. He comes to Gunjan and says that when the villagers didn’t help her, she made her home here; she should note that no one will help her. She will neither get water not food and will have to leave. As they leave, someone brings water for her, it was Chiraya. She drinks from it and looks at Gunjan. Chiraya asks for apology, she says that she thought if we won’t support you, you will leave but now I want to lead a life like you- resolved. Gunjan says you gave me this resolve, we will together for a better life of you people. They both hug, a man calls that I am also with you people; Rahul says that I am sorry I had to go to city with some urgent work but now you won’t stay here and go with me to my home. Chiraya says that finally the help has come, success will follow it. The all shake hand and make resolution.
Gunjan carries soil water bath on her head. She comes to Rahul’s home; she says that nothing compares well-water of village. Rahul says that no matter how tensed are the conditions, you find ways to be happy. Chiraya brings cooked vegetables for them; Gunjan says that Rahul cooks fine. Rahul says that she must not be a good cook, else she would never have said this. Chiraya says that in village, cooking is a must learn for girls. Gunjan says that in cities it isn’t considered a sin if a girl doesn’t know cooking. She says that it is about the learning, and this is the main problem. It isn’t a learning of these men to be observant about female problems. Rahul says I agree, but what’s the plan. Gunjan says they must find a way.
Rachna comes to office and says Good morning. A staff member was talking on phone about a movie which Rachna hears. She comes to KT and says that why shouldn’t we go for a movie. KT says are you alright, you hide it all in your home and keeps hiding if we go out; and now this movie. Rachna goes to work place with an off-mood.
Mayank is frustrated in his office; he finds a bouquet of flowers on his table. He wonders who sent it, it must be Charu. Charu comes to his office. She asks for his two minutes and gives him a file of a new project and says she wants he handles this project. She appreciates the flowers on the table and says she is sure Gunjan must have sent them, May God give everyone a relation like you too. She tells him to study the file and leaves. Mayank thinks that it means Charu didn’t sent these flowers. But Gunjan is in village, is Charu lying.
Rachna is working while KT watches her. As she looks back at him, he gets busy in work. He notices the time, comes to Rachna and asks for lunch. She says she isn’t hungry. He thinks he released all his work stress on her. The worker comes to call her as the tailor has brought two more dresses.
Gunjan sees a generator going on a truck. Chiraya says that it must be going to that head’s house. He never compromise on his luxury. Rahul jokes that had she married that Vikram she must be living there too. Gunjan says why aren’t any electricity here in spite of having the wiring. Rahul says that the head keeps all the money that comes for village. Gunjan says greed!

PRECAP: Mayank asks Charu why she called him in her cabin after everyone has left. He clarifies that he loves Gunjan; he signed a contract here so he will work, but nothing more.

Update Credit to: Sona

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