Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with that man(nathulalji) who was crying telling mayank that lets go and he has to tell his daughter, there gunjan is sad and thinks why didn’t mayank still come and she says that he must be busy and he wanted to give her surprise and she will also give by making special dinner and she goes and makes arrangements and comes at the table and says that mayank on seeing this will think that she has made the old arrangements on the same terrace and same candles but old is gold and she smiles.

There he takes mayank there at his house, gunjan there is sad that mayank still did not come and she calls him but he does not pick up and she calls his boss and boss tells that he has gone at a client and he will come and gunjan says ok and keeps,

there mayank is looking at the door and one man tells mayank that there he was saying so confidently and now why isn’t he going now in, mayank then steps ahead when the door opens and daughter comes out happy and goes there and takes mayank’s blessings and she thinks that he is her husband and tells him that he has come to take her and then she calls her mom outside and tells her that see husband has come to take her and even mom thinks that he is husband and daughter tells that no one can separate her from her husband and mayank is shocked and even everyone, mayank tells her that he wants to tells something and she tells that no please don’t tell and she knows that he wants to tell that he will not accept her and please don’t do this and she then gets unconscious on mayanks shoulders, mom tells mayank that she always gets unconscious alike this when she is very happy, mayank is forced and he picks her up and takes in, mom then asks that does he want anything to eat, dad tells no and takes mayank out and tells him that why didn’t he tell daughter and mayank tells that he tried but she did not listen and dad tells that what has he done and till then mom comes out and says what happened and tells that is he thinking of not accepting her and if he does this then she will die and cant bear this and he cant play with her life, mayank then tells that he is not their son-in-law, mom gets shocked and asks dad and dada tells yes it is the truth and he is the murderer of their son In law and mom sits and gets shocked and crying and gets up and mayank says he is really sorry and he did not do this purposely and he is sorry and please forgive me, please, please, mom says to him that she will not leave him and her daughter will die on hearing this she will die and they will not leave him and kill him and she pulls his collar and dad stops her and tells her that what will happen on killing him and their son in law will not come back and after all he has not done it purposely and they should leave him, he then tells her that they should think of their daughter.

There gunjan is thinking of mayank and she starts putting out the candles and suddenly mayank comes from behind and tells that cant she wait for the person for whom she made the surprise and gunjan gets happy and goes and hugs him and tells so much late he has come and asks why so late, he tells let it be and now he has come and he goes at table and tells again she has done this same arrangement on same terrace and same candles and gunjan tells that but she has done it with all love and mayank hugs her, gunjan opens her eyes and it’s a dream and she says that still mayank has not come, there mom and dad get up to take a decision.

Precap: dad tells mayank that he will stay here form today and mayank tells that please let me go and I want to go home, dad tells him to shut up and he cant go, at night gunjan who is sleeping gets a call and mayank is on the call and he tells her everything and tells her that he has to stay there, gunjan exclaims what!…

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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