Sanyukt 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
After the morning arti, the kids are rushing around searching for govardhan, with the arti thali in their hand. ila comes and shows them where is he, and he excitedly meets them. ila says that she was reminded of devyani, seeing the kids. he gets nostalgic too. then the kids leave others. after they are gone, he gets sad. she asks why yet again. he says that he cant see sameer like this, as he hasnt eaten for a week nor does he talk to anyone. she asks him to have faith on the lord. he complies.

Meanwhile, parimal plays with the kids, and is super happy that they got the arti for him. they are sad. he asks whats the matter. the kids say that sameer is angry at them, and isnt talking. he distracts them saying that sameer is busy on a project and is working

in the office. they ask if he has exams. he complies, and says that once its over, sameer shall play and talk to them.

While rahul is getting ready for office, he gets a message from the boss saying that he is disappointed with the project report. he gets tensed and calls him up. the boss tells him that he let him down. rahul says that he never sent the report. rahul says that maybe there is a misunderstanding, and that he shall finalise the report now, and send it to him. the boss warns him not to repeat this again, and be attentive. rahul apologises and complies. he then dials another man, and asks him why was the report sent. he found that he was forced from the group. he lashes at him for listening to the group, when he is the group leader. while reprimanding, he hears something back from the other end, which aggravates him. rahul clarifies that neither the boss, nor the owner is his relative. he asks them not to doubt his credentials, as he isnt responsible for the loss of their earlier boss. ila hears his screams and rushes in. just then, the kids come in and ila walks in too. he then asks the assistant to gather up the entire group, as they need to send the report asap. he then is very happy with them, while the kids ask if he shall be angry with them, like sameer. ila and rahul clarify that sameer is always angry, and doesnt talk, and asks if he shall do the same to them. he denies that it shall never happen. the kids are sent to niranjan by ila. rahul promises to take them for a drive after he returns back from the office. Ila tries to console rahul, by saying that things sometime dont work out, in the office, but he shall get past it. rahul says that his colleagues are intentionally doing so and its a different matter now, as they think that he doesnt deserve it, and has come through reference. he asks if he is capable of that even. she remembers how govardhanm’s refernce through rakesh got him this job. MEanwhile rahul decides to take a final action on this, and tell everyone that they should prove it within 2 days. he walks out, while ila is tensed. when ila is sitting in her room, she is tensed for rahul and wonders how can she get govardhan tensed about rahul also now, that he is tensed for sameer. she wonders why cant her sons be happy, and hopes nothing happens to rahul.

The children go to niranjan and find him yet again busy with the phone, blushing and smiling. they decide to have videographic evidence, and record it on their mother’s phone. when he observes what they are doing, he gets tensed. the kids do a video recording , and tell him. he gets cautious and then calls them, that its wrong. he asks for the phone. but they say that its wrong for him to lie like this to her. while they argue, rita comes and asks them whats the matter. rita sees the video, and gets suspicious as the girls show her the video. they prove that he is always like this, and then lies in front of her. niranjan is flustered. she then asks them not to do so, as this is wrong. they apologise. she asks them not to do it again. she asks the kids to go and give the arti thali to ila, as she is waiting. when the kids, she turns to him, while he is again busy with the phone. she says that his eyes talk of his guilt. he rubbishes it off, saying that its just children playin, and he was merely chatting. she asks about the expression of blusing. they continue to argue about it. she asks who was he chatting with, and tries to interrogate him. he gets instigated, and says that he isnt interested to do this again, and asks her not to show this reaction that shall ruin them. he says that she needs to trust, as he isnt doing anything wrong. she asks for his phone, to gain his trust. he says that she is mad, and will stop only at ruining their relationship and asks him to do whatever she wishes. later, while he is surfing through the some business file, rita comes and stealthily takes her phone and comes out. she prays that she doesnt know anything that is untoward. Rita finds that his phone is password locked, and wonders what could it be. she decides to try maya, after unsuccessfully punching in the names of both the kids. meanwhile, niranjan finds the file that he was searching for, and then finds his phone missing. After much searching, he understands that she must be behind this. As she punches it in tensedly, the mobile opens just in time, when niranjan comes and lashes at her for snooping on his phone. she asks him the reason of this password on the phone. he gets tensed and speechless, but then denies. he says that she has gone totally mad. she asks him to prove it then and prove his doubts wrong, prove that his phone’s password isnt maya and that the person he chats day and night is noone other than maaya, and once he proves that her doubt is wrong, then he shall never be doubted again. he tensedly eyes her. he shows her the chatting with mahesh, while she is boggled. taking the phone back, he begs her not to doubt him, and hugs her. she is unconvinced, while he smiles evilly. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Niranjan is told by sameer, that rita is very unlucky that she got a husband like him. he taunts that puja is very lucky to have gotten a boyfriend like him, and asks what he did with puja. sameer gets enraged, while he instigates him furthermore. he breaks things and starts screaming. ila comes and asks whats the matter. sameer says that his biggest mistake is that he came here to stay in this joint family. he decides to leave to find an alternate living arrangement rightaway. he leaves without listening to anyone’s plea. ila is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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