Sanyukt 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Niranjan’s children get ready for school and ask Rita when will papa wake up. Rita says papa is tired after long business meeting. Nirajan wakes up and says he will drop them to school. Children say they know he is tired, so he can rest. They leave. Reeta holds his hand and says she knows he is angry on her and what she should do to convince him. He says he will take a shower and leaves. She reminisces her friend’s words that she should not suffocate her husand so much that he will suffocate and try to run away from her.

Ila sees Uday studying and tells Parimal that his son is working so hard just for him. Parimal leaves. Ila consoles Uday not to get disheartened and continue his hard work, Parimal will soften soon.

Sameer goes to Rahul’s room and wakes him up and says it is too late. Rahul says he does not have any meetings. Sameer says he has though and asks him to drop him as his bike’s spark plug has malfunctioned. Rahul says he can take taxi. Sameer insists. Rahul agrees. They both get ready and leave in jeep.

Ila prays god to make Rahul forget Tanu and move on in life. She starts revolving around temple holding pooja thali and praying. Sameer and Rahul reach venue and Sameer goes in. Rahul walks and clashes with Sameer’s friend. He imagines Tanu in her they way she speaks. Her books fall and she says books are lakshmi and they should respect it, she prays god to forgive them. He reminisces Tanu doing same. Sameer’s friend continues talking like Tanu and Rahul imainges Tanu in her silently. Friend thinks Rahul is dumb and dead. Her friend comes. She tells that she yelled at a dumb and deaf man. Friend says to forget it then. She tells he can see her expressions though. She behaves well and walks in. Ila feels dizzy and is about to fall. She holds pipe and sits on floor. Rahul stands imaging Tanu.

Precap: Rahul steps on Sameer’s friend’s pic unknowingly, picks it and wipes dirt from it.

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