Sanyukt 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Sanyukt 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Parimal expresses his anger at uday, while the brothers ask him to calm down and give him some time. parimal says that he has been waiting for 2 hours. gayatri asks him to be patient and help him if he failed. parimal clears that he slapped uday, not because he failed, but because he repeatedly and insistently lied to them, and is now behaving brash. he is about to walk out to search for him, when rahul and sameer calm him down and rush out to see uday. they find him in the garden, venting out frustration against parimal. they try to make him realise, but he is adamant and doesnt comply. Later ila comes and finds that they are unable to get him to come inside. they ask her to coax parimal to calm down for sometime, and not say anything to uday. she says that this

shall only give uday more confidence to do this. she asks them to go in while she gets him inside. she comes and tries to initiate the conversation, while he goes into a self guilt mode, as to how noone understands him. she tries to make him see why is parimal doing this, while uday like an teenage boy throws tantrums, and vents frustration at his father’s rage. she then tries to make him realise how he did wrong. he is flustered. she then says something, that silences him. ila gets uday catching him by the hand, while he comes flustered, as parimal and gayatri are seated tensedly. he gets enraged and confronts uday, while the brothers and gayatri are extremely tensed of his reaction. before he can reprimand, uday apologises with folded hands, and begs for forgiveness, saying that he wouldnt ever do it again. all get emotional. he hugs him and all are relieved.

Later, in the room, uday and gayatri are bantering whereas he teases her on her english, while she tries to advise him to stay on the right track, as she wouldnt be able to bear anyone bringing out wrong things about him. she makes him promise that he wont lie at any cost. parimal sees this from a distance, as she expresses her love for him. he comes inside and caresses him too. uday is still tensed. gayatri notices this. after parimal leaves, she asks him whats the matter, and why is he scared pf parimal. he tells that he only said sorry since ila asked him to, but he hasnt forgotten the slap yet.

Scene 2:
Location: Maya’s office
Maya takes the spare change from a colleague, who is baffled that she has an urgent need of such less money. she distracts and then calls niranjan, and asks him to come. he amusedly complies. meanwhile, rita is on the road, searching for a PCO, and finally finds one. niranjan comes and maya frustratedly gives the change, and asks him to not try to come close, or else she shall call his mother. he smiles. MEanwhile, rita calls maya, and asks for jignesh. maya repeats the name in bogglement. she cites it as a wrong number. he gets alert hearing this, and immediately starts thinking, whether gayatri is behind this, as only she knows other than rita. maya asks him to get lost.

Scene 3:
Location: Gharaunda
Two guys get uday kidnapped, with masks. they turn out to be sameer and rahul playing a prank on him. uday fumes while they are amused. then they try to get him to cheer up, as they party with him, with dance and music, while having cold drinks together. then they try to get him casual, and point out how he did wrong. he is adamant that he is not wrong. they try to wrestle and force him into agreeing, but he doesnt comply easily. they are amused.

Meanwhile, gayatri points out uday’s behaviour towards parimal, to ila, while she says that she has been through the same pain for parimal, with govardhan, as she stood helplessly. gayatri asks if she is resigned for the same fate. ila refuses that she wont be helpless this time, and that she shall not allow this to happen again. she comes to parimal, and wishes to talk. he gets tensed. then she picks up uday’s topic. he is hesitant. but then ila insists that she needs to stop him from doing what he is doing. he continues to vehemently say that everything is okay, but ila says that she is tensed, that things are tensed between him and his son, the same way. he has relations with govardhan. he is shocked. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: PArimal shows ila that he has uday’s insurance ready and that he can give him 25 lakhs if he wishes to rightaway. uday hears this and then later flinches the paper, and then calls his friend that the job is done. they both are ecstatic. as he turns around, he collides into parimasl and gets tensed. as he eyes the paper, he asks uday whats in it. as he gets to opening it, uday is petrified.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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