Sanyukt 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Haveli
rahul and govardhan fight each other with great vigour. his wife tries to intervene but she is pushed away. govardhan storms out. rahul follows him. he asks him to go

to his room, as he is inebriated. but he continues following them to the drawing room. he then says that he shall speak the truth, and the truth is that they all hate

him, but only he has the guts to say this to him on face. Govardhan asks him to go to his room, or else. rahul challenges him to show. govardhan gets angry and then

gets the rifle, while all are aghast and shocked. rahul taunts him. Govardhan has the rifle aimed at rahul, while he succumbs on the ground, due to his inebriated

state, when a sudden sound emanates. he thinks that he got shot. but then rita

points out that there isnt any bleeding from anywhere. his mother and rita begin

reprimanding him for doing this to rahul. all are tensed. they try to wake him up. when the doctor comes, he tells ila, govardhan’s wife, about the damaged condition

of his liver, which made him succumb. he sks her to take care or else they lose the son. she is distraught. he prescribes meds, and then talks to the family and

leaves. Inside Rahul wakes up, and she asks him how is he. he says that its a habit now. she gets emotional and then says that she was tortured to see him like this.

he apologises, but she remains angry yet tearful. he asks her to agree now, and tries to pleaase her by saying that he never means to intentionally hurt her. she

reprimands him. he talks about how he cant forget what all he has done to his own son. she asks him not to old onto the past and pain everyone around him. he says that

the pain matters most, when the life gives new troubles. she is boggled and asks whats bothering him. he turns away. she asks him to speak up. he says that he lost his

job 3 days back, and hasnt paid the rent for 2 months. she asks why didnt he tell them. he says that he didnt want his father’s sympathy. she tries to speak, but he

stays resilient on this, and asks her not to disclose this to father, and makes her promise. she complies.

Outside, rita tries to calm govardhan down by saying, that he shouldnt bear ill will against his own son, as he did come at his one phone call. she advises him to save

the relation as long as it exists. ila comes. rita offers to be by rahul’s side. ila is against it. she asks about niranjan. govardhan says that he retired for the

night. she asks rita to go and rest too. rita complies. he then asks her to be calm and quiet and not discuss this event furthermore, to restore peace. ila says that

she cant believe he aimed a rifle at his own son. he says that he wasnt thinking anything, as the rifle was empty. she is still tensed though.

The next morning, they all get to praying together. later, govardhan and his wife, get to animated bantering, as they reminiesce their romance in their very own

bedroom. she starts dancing on old romantic numbers, while he watches her, with amusement and glee. they have a romantic duet. they hug each other. The screen freezes

on their face.

Precap: As another lady arrives with her son, govardhan and ila greet them with warmth and then they look at the empty car behind them. ila asks if parimal didnt come. she says that he has some urgent work and hence couldnt come. they get tensed. Later, govardhan and ila start chatting. He says that he knows why parimal didnt come, and that he still cant forget what happened in the past. he wonders how long would he hold back a thing of 15 years. ila is tensed too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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