Sanyukt 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Sameer talks to rahul on the balcony, who asks him not to think much. sameer says that his boss cant believe he lost his golden oppurtunity. rahul asks him to explain whats he thinking. sameer says that he feels he never thought it through, and that if he so wished, he could have married a little later too, but maybe puja would have refused later. rahul says that govardhan’s assumption about his hesitation was right. sameer is however having a different opinion as to how attached he had gotten at the mention os his child. rahul explains that its always a matter of decisions and he may have to take difficult ones, now or later, but he needs to do so, thinking about himself and not other overriding factors.

In his room, niranjan sits with rita and discusses

how she managed to fill in a plan of 15daysfor the work, and in a much lesser budget, as the other contractors were fooling him. niranjan is amazed at the way she handled it, while she says that she had promised she would. they eye each other romantically. ila comes and asks whats going on. niranjan proudly explains. ila asks rita to come to the kitchen, after congratulating both of them. In the kitchen, rita explains niranjan’s business. ila is happy that everything is okay between them. rita is tensed. ila asks if she said anything wrong. rita says that it isnt that easy. rita presents an analogy to explain the situation that she feels it was better not knowing. she says that the full truh should only be known, when you are ready to pay the price. she says that what matters is to be happy. ila is amazed at her maturity and hopes that everyone is blessed with a heart like her. gayatri comes and joins the banter, and tells ila that parimal came too. they are happy.

Parimal comes to rahul’s room and comments on the room size. Rahul retorts back, and parimal gets enraged. rahul asks what would work. parimal asks why plead him to come then. rahul says that the problem is the parents not the brothers. parimal says thats because the brother stays at the enemy’s house. rahul says that sameer doesnt stay here, and that his marriage talks are going on. parimal says that gayatri told him about it. rahul says that he should have been here, as govardhan wanted. parimal asks if he would agree. rahul asks him to insult him all he wants, but its true, that they might have differences, but in times of need, they all are one. parimal says that this isnt a time of need. rahul asks if this is why he didnt come to the parents’ anniversary. parimal complies. rahul says that he forgets that he had to come, whatever maybe the cause, and that he still wants ila to beg him. parimal says that it isnt so, as he has come always. rahul says that he always makes people plead, and still keeps it unsure whether he would come or not. parimal gets enraged and walks out. he goes to govardhan’s room, and stands silently. he sees parimal, and then discusses how marriage is the best option and asks his opinion. parimal says that when he has already decided then why ask. govardhan says that he might not be staying here, but he is the elder brother, and has a say. parimal asks what if he says no. govardhan asks why does he have to fight all the time. another verbal scuffle ensues, due to parimal’s immaturity, who continues to hold a grudge. they conti nue arguing, while parimal says that their differences shall never resolve. he says that they shall only when his love supercedes his ego and anger. they eye each other tensedly.

Later, the entire family comes out to receive the Don who is puja’s father, as he comes heavily armed and with bodyguards. all eye each other tensedly. puja makes her father meet sameer and his family. govardhan extends his hand to greet but he complies after much deliberation. they all sit down, after puja makes her father’s guards stay outside. her father starts asking questions about sameer and his work tensedly. sameer says that he is a fashion photographer, and explains his job profile. he asks if he does only insinuating the underlying belly of the fashion industry. parimal advocates for him, and govardhan introduces him, as a bank manager. her father is unconvinced about such a unique career. he asks about his earning. sameer says that due to freelancing, it fluctuates. he asks if he even earns. puaj says that its sufficient for her. her father says that its immaterial whether he earns or not, as everything he has is hers, and if she wants to support him, its okay. govardhan says that wont be an issue. her father asks if he has any criminal record. she says that the important thing is that they love each other, and should get married, and they have already decided a date. he gets enraged and asks how dare they, as he hasnt complied to the relation yet. he says that till he doesnt say yes, his daughter shall not get married. all are tensed. she says that she loves sameer. he says that she shall grow to love the person she marries, and asks her to stay shut. govardhan asks him not to be angry at her like that, since its unnecessary. he says that he wouldnt have to ask him before scolding her, and asks him to talk when required. all are tensed. sameer says that he cant talk to his father like that. he retorts who would stop him, he himself or his brothers. everyone gets tensed. ila and govardhan are shocked, as all brothers stand united, to defend their father. parimal says that he is a guest and should behave like one, and give respect to command it from them too. her father eyes them tensedly. govardhan asks him to sit down. Her father bursts out and lashes at them asking how dare they talk to him like this, and asks if they know about him. his bodyguards come with their sten guns directed at them only. all are shocked and aghast. his daughter asks him not to do so, as this is wrong, since this is the house of respectable people. he asks if he would have to listen anything. she complies saying that he is the girl’s father. he storms out, saying that he wouldnt want to be with these people. she says that she has already joined them as family. he asks her to choose then between her love and her father. all are shocked. she stands up and says that its he who has to decide, as she is pregnant. he turns around angrily and shocked. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Puja tells her father that she knows she has hurt him badly, but this is the situation and whats happened, she cant change and now she shall do what he tells her, and wont marry sameer if he so wishes, and would abort the child too. all are apalled to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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