Sanyukt 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 7th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer goes to Shree/Tanu’s office. Tanu says she was expecting him. Sameer says he identified her as Hetal’s sister, but got confirmed when he saw her with Hetal in parking lot. He asks if he is really Hetal’s crush. She says Hetal has his photo album and he is first and last boy when she was 16 years old, but now hates loves she saw our dad dying because of my boyfriend. Sameer asks to tell what happened. Tanu looking at Rahul and her pic tells she used to love a boy a lot and even he used to love her, her father was about to meet him when unaccounted events happened and he broke up with her. She continues.

Parimal fumes in his room after hearing Uday telling that he may fail even this year. Rahul takes Uday to this room. Parimal scolds Uday that he never changed. Rahul says Uday

came to explain him that was not able to solve a maths problem, but he is studying well this year and will pass for sure. Uday nods yes and leaves. Rahul sees Parimal tensed even after that and asks if he is worried about Niranjan. Parimal says because of Niranjan’s mistake, Rita cannot stop children from meeting their father. Rahul says after Niranjan’s mistake, Rita’s reaction is obvious. Parimal says Rahul will not understand as he is not a father yet. Even he hates Niranjan for his heinous act, but Rita should not stop children. Rahul suggests him to go and meet Niranjan.

Rita sits sadly in her room. Ila enters and reminisces Shree’s words that Rita should be busy in her work. She asks Rita when is her play releasing, her relatives were asking. Rita gets up..Ila asks what she can do to lessen her pain. They both hug and cry.

Shree continues that after her boyfriend broke up with her, she tried to convince him many times, but he did not listen. She even missed her final year’s exam, else she would have been a psychiatrist instead of family psychologist. Her father could not handle stress and died. Hetal blames her and her boyfriend for papa’s death. Uncle sold their house and betrayed them and Hetal was a burden for aunt, so Hetal hates her more. Sameer says he is hating boy’s family like Hetal now.

Parimal goes to kitchen and asks Ila to give tea. She says she is preparing pooris and will pack his tiffin. He asks what else is there with poori. She says basundi. He asks to pack basundi and poori reminiscing Niranjan likes it. Ila says will pack yesteday’s sabji as he does not like basundi. Parimal insists to pack basundi in 2 boxes. Ila realizes he is taking it for Niranjan. She goes to her room and holding sethji’s pic cries that she knows Parimal took basundi for Niranjan, she does not want to snatch her son’s food, so she let Parimal take food for Nirajan. She turns and sees Rita standing.

Precap: Tanu/Shree tells Sameer that he should try to redevelop love in Hetal’s heart and if he fails, he should go far from Hetal. Sameer goes to cafeteria and greets Hetal. Hetal does not react.c

Update Credit to: MA

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