Sanyukt 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Govardhan talks to sameer in frotn of niranjan and rahul, as to how he could h ave done something so callous and heinous and isnt repentful of it too. he asks how could he not love her, when he was being physically intimate, and how can he be so detached. sameer tries to explain his dilemma and his actual state of mind. he asks sameer that he can feel all that he wants to, but hecant shirk away from the responsibility of his child. sameer responds thats why he is here but expresses how puja isnt talking to him at all. he decides to call her up. Govardhan then calls up puja, and asks about her health and asks then calls her home. she complies.

In the kitchen, ila discusses with rita, about the concept of arranged marriages, and the outrageous concept of living

in. rita says that just because there werent divorces earlier, doesnt mean couples were happy. ila professes that this is true, but still they believed in maintaining relationships and not breaking them off. she discusses with her, the curious case of sameer, wherein things didnt develop out of love, merely fun. ila wonders whats puja going through. rita says that its a hard time for both of them. they say that they shall only pray for things to get better.

Rita comes and finds niranjan tensed. she asks whats the matter. he says that the estimate he gave to his feiend, and the estimate he got from his contractor are varying financially and he is finding it difficult to bridge the gap. she asks if he gave the estimate to the friend, before talking to the contractor. he says that there was a problem, with the old contractor who gave the estimate as he wasnt trustworthy and the new one’s exceeds the budget he presented to his friend. she thinks that if his friend thinks that he faltered at the first step, that wont be right. she starts surfing through the estimate while he paces around nervously. she points out that the cheap contractor gave less cost of material and labour, and wanted 20 days, but the other contractor gave 30 days. he asks whats the differenec. she says that if they hire direct labour, they can solve this problem. he wonders where to get direct labour from. she gives an idea, as to how one of her friends from the entertainment industry, can provide labour. she asks him to hand the work to her, so that she can fulfill his work. she says that she would just need an additional managerial hand. he asks who. she points out that its Rahul.

In his room, rahul paces around nervously, clutching his stomach, when ila comes and finds that he is in pain. she says that she shall go for the doctor, and he says that it shall be okay as he has taken meds. she asks how did he take it when he doesnt know what caused it. he sits down resignedly. she understands that its the liver, gone worse due to alcohol addiction. he takes her casually, while she asks him to be careful and leave this awful habit. he tries to cheer her up. rita comes and gets to know of his stomach ache and rita understands that its due to liver. they both sweetly reprimand him, while he amusedly smirks. rita says that she too shall drink with him from tonight. ila is shocked. hearing their taunts, he gives in and says that he shall try. he asks about the file in her hand. she says that she can come later. rita then discusses niranjan’s contract with him.

Meanwhile, Sameer discusses with govardhan that he doesnt know much about puja’s father, but knows he is shor tempered. govardhan informs him of his don status. sameer says that he isnt related to her father. govardhan points out that marriage is between families. they decide to wait and watch. Meanwhile, on the phone, Ila talks to gayatri, and narrates everything going on in the house. she also asks her to come home as they have called puja. she complies.

Later, Sameer watches as a car comes in, and puja steps out of it, and they both eye each other tensedly. she starts progressing towards him. he stops her, as she tries to get past him. they eye each other emotionally. she tries to go past but he stops her. she jerks past. all sit down to discuss the matter. Puja talks about her problems and issues with sameer as to how he ran away and slept at the hotel, when she wanted commitment and love, then how could she trap him like this. he is highly insensitive as he speaks as to how she doesnt know yet what society calls a woman bearing a child out of wedlock. ila slaps him tight and asks him to apologise, as her son cant talk to a woman like this. he resigendly complies. she apologises on his behalf to puja. puja asks her not to, as what sameer said, was the reason why she refused to marry him, as she wants a husband who can respect and love her, and not a person who married her out of helplessness. she says that they all saw what he just said. Govardhan says that whatever is going on, makes him understand that children’s practicality stops them from thinking mature, and that leads them into doing what they wish. gayatri complies and asks her to understand that its a mutual wrong done. puja complies. they extend their support. govardhan says that its immaterial what sameer does or thinks or says, and that he might have denied commitment, but when he heard about the child, he came back, and sat here all night. they try and profess to her as to how he trusts his family to convince her. ila talks to her too, saying that she wants a daughter in her. puja smiles. sameer waits anxiously. he approaches and apologises to her, as tears stream down their cheeks. he says that irrespective of whether she marries him or not, he shall always have the responsibility of her child. ila asks her decision. she says that she needs to talk to her father to discuss further details of the marriage. all are overjoyed, as they eye each other romantically.

The priest is caled and govardhan, ila and rita sit down and ask him to give a good date for marriage. he reads through puja and sameer’s kundali, and says that its all fine, but there’s not a good date for marriage yet. they are all tensed. ila professes that she needs them to get married soon. the priest gives the date for next Puranmaasi. they comply, and then the priest takes his leave. govardhan asks ila what the priest meant. she says that they need to follow circumstances more than good dates. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: sameer talks to rahul on the balcony, saying that he never thought it through, and that if he so wished, he could have married a little later too. Later, the entire family comes out to receive the Don who is puja’s father, as he comes heavily armed and with bodyguards.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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