Sanyukt 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul reminsisces his happier days with his girlfriend Tanu. He goes

into flashback where he gives her a surprise party on a new year’s

eve. Their romance starts with expression of love for each other.

Tanu asks him to kiss. He says not before marriage. She insists.

He resists. She sees passer by youngters, stops them and requests a

kiss. A boy is about to kiss her when Rahul runs and asks youngsters

to leave. He warns Tanu not to do this again.

Rahul holds Tanu’s hand and takes her back to canopy and makes her

sit on a chair. A romantic song plays in the background. He brings

cake and makes her cut. Their romantic date continues. Rahul gets

out of his flashback, gets heavily inebriated and collapses on floor

murmuring I love yout Tanu. Ila sees him on floor and helps him

sleep on bed.

In the morning, Ila does god’s aarti with Rita and Gayatri behind her. Gayatri goes to Uday’s room and sees him still sleeping. He sleeps on her lap and asks her to wake him up soon as he has to study for his exams after 2 months and he did not study for whole year. Gayatri prays god to keep his son like this forever.

Ila continues praying god and confronts that she cannot see Rahul suffering like this. If god is punishing Rahul because she and setji did not approve Rahul and Tanu’s relationship. She will repent for her mistake and will walk barefooted until her son gets back happiness. He confrontation continues.

Precap: Ila prays god to return her son’s happiness. Rahul clashes with Sameer’s girlfriend and their eyes lock. Ila feels drowsy while rounding barefoot around temple and sits.

Update Credit to: MA

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