Sanyukt 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Sanyukt 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Rahul is reminiscient of his past moments with his girlfriend, when sameer comes and starts talking and sharing things with her. he is teary eyed, but composes himself. he starts talking about his girlfriend, and if thats what he is trying to hide. rahul distracts him and asks if he had anyone, leaving pooja. sameer talks about his college life. they start talking about relationships, and love in life. they vouch to stay single all their life, and be happily independant.

While rita is fast asleep, niranjan remembers maya’s conversation, and is hopeful that her husband hit her, and swears to hit him too. MEanwhile, on her side, rita wonders if actually niranjan is being helped by ila, and wonders whats going on. she decides to find out without telling

niranjan. they both dose off. the next morning, while rita is getting ready, niranjan notices her tensed and not responding humourously as she generally does. when asked if she is still upset about anything, and she starts thinking that she shouldnt tell and make niranjan cautious this time around, and shall have to find out the truth this time on her own. he says that he doesnt want to lose her. she immediately starts pretending to be happy and gay and how she was merely trsting him. he is taken off guard. MEanwhile, niranjan then leaves out, when a call comes. Maaya calls him up and asks him to come to the office to get the money. he asks if he is here for the money, and asks her to come and meet him if she wishes to return. he asks her to keep it then. while he is talking, rita tries hard to listen and when he turns around, she rushes back in the room, to pretend casually. he comes back and smiels at the prospect of seeing her again. she asks him to freshen up while she gets the kids ready. he complies. she walks out. Outside the room, she is tensed. inside, he is excited at the idea. after he goes in, she gets back inside and looks at his mobile. he wonders why did he get so tensed at jignesh’s call. she takes the number and decides to find out. she rushes out.

Gayatri and ila eye parimal from the kictehn and decide to execute their plan. she serves tea to him, and then talks about how he is spoiling her by the habit of staying together. he asks if this is their new prank. gayatri is flustered. parimal says that he isnt here to stay forever and that shouldnt be expected. he says that he can stay as long as govardhan doesnt return back. they smile and are happy. the doorbell rings and uday comes giving them a surprise. he takes everyone’s blessings.

While gayatri oils uday’s hair, they talk about sameer’s case. they bond mother-son big time. parimal comes and enjoys with them, and asks for a cup of tea. gayatri teases him and leaves. he takes every talk of gayatri casually, hardly bearing. after parimal and gayatri are not there in the room, Uday flinches some money from parimal’s pocket. gayatri comes after that and parimal comes and hands the money from his wallet, saying its 10 grand. she counts and says that its only 6. both are boggled. while uday looks away. parimal is adamant that he had got 10 grand in the wallet. gayatri asks him to try and remember if he spent anywhere. but he gets agitated and says that he would have remembered it. seeing uday quiet, he asks him if he took any money. The screen freezes on uday’s shocked and tensed face.

Precap: UDay is sitting with family, as he gets tensed, when parimal comes and tells him that there is a mail from his college. he says that they are his mid term results. gayatri says that he must have got good marks. but parimal gets enraged, and comes and sdlaps him. all are shocked. he declares that uday failed in every subject. uday is mortified while all others are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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