Sanyukt 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Ila comes out and tells it to govardhan. he is shocked. as they tell it to sameer, he stands shocked. he cancels the call. they discuss as to how sameer could have done something so heinous. puja comes out and hears this and asks if its true. they make her sit down and explain everything, and then extend all possible help, and even asks her to consider them as her family, even if sa meer ditched her. they find out about her parents, and she says that she cant even think about going to them as they are enraged. she begins to leave, and they are tensed for her. they are fuming as sameer’s phone isnt going through. gvardhan says that he shall talk to her father if need be. but she is unsure. he reprimands sameer as he should have been here. he decides to go,

but puja stops him, saying that he must have checked in, and she dosnt want to keep him back emotionally blackmailing him. Puja leaves the house. rita eyes her going. she identifies the girl in front of parents. ila asks if she knows her. rita says that her father was a big criminal one time, and tells that she is the daughter of DOn Ramakant. they are aghast at sameer’s choice. rita says that maybe he left it all, and her mother died long back.ila is worried about sameer’s problem, and the live-in. govardhan is tensed. rita professes about living in. they talk about how they might be outdated, but what people do in modern days, in the name of new generation is unaccptable. thy lament about how first devyani did it, and now sameer. he is thankful that shashikant married her, or else god knows what would have happened. rita says that she shall talk to puja, and they can try contacting sameer. rita leaves with ila. then niranjan comes and informs govardhan, about how his friend’s shop is closed after his father’s death, and how he is planning to start the hardware busines with his friend, and focus on it. govardhan is happy for him and his passion. nirnjan credits him for this, and govardhan asks him to focus, and wishes him all the best.

MEanwhile, puja gets in the car distraught and apalled, and then drives off.

Late at night, in the bedroom, ila finds govardhan tensed. she asks whats the matter. he talks about how they played dandiya as a family. they ponder over the puja incident. the doorbell rings and they wonder if its puja. they go out, but are shocked to find sameer back with his baggage. they ask about his flight, and he asks if puja is really pregnant. they comply and all come in. she asks if he isnt going. he denies, and says that first he needs to talk to puja. she asks him to attend to her first then as she is tensed. he says that he hadnt gone there for 3 days, and hnce wasnt staying there. before leaving, he says that he went to her place, but didnt find him there. sameer says that they dont know the full story. she reprimands him for lying to her, about having a girlfriend. he says that they arent in love. they are shocked. he says that they were just living partners, and no commitments. govardhan asks how is it possible, as she is bearing his child. she says that puja said she loved him. he says that she said this, when he decided to go to paris. govardhan asks him how can he be in such a relationship without love. sameer says that he shall go if need be, but govardhan shouldnt shout at him. govardhan asks him to get lost then, as he wont bear this kind of thinking. ila is distraught at the struggle. he begins to go, but she stops him, and says that she never thought he could do this. he says that if he had to do anything like that, then he wouldnt have left the flight and been here, and tells that he is tensed. govardhan says that its 3 lives entangled now. she explains to him, that if he wishes to rectify, then they are with him, and asks him to marry her. govardhan asks her to ask sameer if he wants. sameer says that he is willing to take responsibility of his child. govardhan asks him to go and talk to puja’s father then, and they can meet and finalise things, and then their marriage shall be arranged. sameer begins to go, as ila asks him to rest. govardhan reminds him to stay back here only, till the time he gets married, after that he can decide whether he goes to live with her, or takes her to paris. he silently complies. sameer is still lost. ila comes and asks whats he thinking now. he says that he is wondering if puja didnt go home, then where did she go.

the next morning, while ila is praying, rahul, niranjan and govardhan discuss his case, his marriage with puja, and his oppurtunity for Paris. they lament as to how sameer’s career faced a huge setback. govardhan says that today’s generation is distracted, but first he wants to get sameer married, to rectify his mistake. niranjan asks if he had a talk with puja. sameer comes and they ask him curiously what happened. sameer sits down and says that she didnt comply, and says that he shall leave for Paris, as puja has left for Ahmedabad, and that when he talked to her, she says that she didnt want commitment out of sympathy. govardhan says that he has to marry her, and give the child his name. sameer says that he wished to do just that, and now his job is at stake for nothing, and if puja doesnt need him, then whats the use. govardhan asks him to stop being so hasty. sameer says she doesnt wish to talk to him, or marry. the screen freezes on govardhan’s tensed face.

Precap: Sameer watches as a car comes in, and puja steps out of it, and they both eye each other tensedly. she starts progressing towards him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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