Sanyukt 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul returns from police station. Sameer asks if Uday’s video is removed from internet. Rahul says not yet completely, but inspector is Parimal’s friend, so handling issue well. He hopes Parimal or Uday doesn’t see video. Ila sends Uday to speak to them, but they both walk in angrily. Ila asks them why are they so angry on Uday. They say Uday does not deserve their love after his mistakes. Ila says if bapuji had not forgiven them for their mistakes, what would they have done. Uday is close to them more and they should not let him do more mistakes. They both go back. Uday apologizes them. They ask him to do situps and say sorry. Uday does and eventually shouts sorry. They both ask him to relax and laugh.

Gayatri tells Ila that Uday is getting closer to family

after this incident. Ila says whole family is getting closer and sethji/bapuji’s dream of sanyukt parivar is coming true.

Uday goes to Parimal’s room and tells he was running behind his dream of becoming musician and hurt him so much, he just needed his support. He needs back his papa and not this music, he breaks his guitar.

Sameer sees new year wishes 300 messages from his friends and replies them. Rahula sks him if he will reply them all. Sameer says yes as they took time to send him message and asks if does not send messages to his friends. Rahul says he does not have friend. Sameer says he is busy with his ex-girlfriend’s memories, so he is always occupied. Rahul jokes and leaves. Sameer then gets his college female friend’s video message in which she speaks t him excitedly and says they did not meet since class 12th, etc.., says she has opened some cafe and he needs to attend party. He reminisces meeting her and she explaining him something and he just staring at her, revealing he loves her.

Ila goes to Rahul’s room and asks why did he break guitar. Rahul cries in front of Ila that papa did not forgive him, his music is a hurdle and he will concentrate on studies. Parimal hears that and gets teary eyed. Gayatri asks him to stop crying, go and hug Uday. Parimal says he does not know if Uday is really repenting or just acting, so he will not.

Rita’s children ask her when will papa come. She says papa is busy in meeting and makes them sleep. Niranjan sitting in garden reminisces his one-night stand with Maya. Rita comes there and touches his shoulder. He scolds what is she doing and walks away. Rita calls her friend and tells she is right, she suffocated her husband so much that he is ignoring her. Friend says shree counselor will counsel her and solve her problem.

Precap: Heavily inebriated Rahul repeatedly says I love you Tanu subconsciously. Ila gets worried seeing this and prays god that Tanu cannot return, but if Rahul gets out of his sorrows, she will walk barefoot till temple.

Update Credit to: MA

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