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Sanyukt 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Sameer is made to talk to puja’s friends by her, where he formally introduces himself, and asks them to come to their wedding. they dicuss as to how unbelievable this

seems. they remember their first accidental meeting at the party. they wonder how they never thought this day would come. he expresses his hesitation, doubt and

concern, as to where their lives are headed. she says that she isnt tensed, as he is with her, along with his family, who is very sweet, and she is happy at that. he

is tensed though.

Gayatri and rita discuss puja’s engagement with sameer day after tomorrow. rita comments as to how gayatri wouldnt be able to enjoy. gayatri says that she wouldnt be

able to dance or sing, but would make up for

it, when the baby comes. rita gets tensed. she asks why is she sad. rita denies. gayatri says that she shall talk ila to

speak with niranjan.

In the kitchen, ila speaks to her friends, inviting them, in Marathi. puja comes and gets to know that she is speaking marathi. she enquires if theirs is a love

marriage. ila denies, and says that his mother selected her for him, and her parents liked him too. puja says that love happened after marriage, this seems. ila

complies, and then asks whats she doing here, as its her engagement tomorrow, and she needs to spend time on herself. puja says that she doesnt feel like leaving them.

ila says that within 3 days, she would be here permanently with them only, and wont let go of her later on. puja gets tensed. ila asks whats it. she says that ramakant

called to say that he would come tomorrow to talk to sameer and his parents. ila says that its okay. puja says that his voice sounded tensed. ila comforts saying that

they shall handle. Later, puja talks to ramakant on the phone, wherein he gives stoical answers and says that he did what she wanted him to, and now he shall do what

he wishes to. she is upset. she asks what it means. he says that he shall know tomorrow, and cancels. she gets tensed, wondering whats it and hopes everything is fine.

Later at night, rahul remembers the phone call about tanu, and thinks as to how desperately he wishes to forget but life doesnt let him forget that his own father is

the villain to his love story. he gets govardhan’s call, and thinks that he must be calling for dinner. he picks and says that he shall come soon.

At the dining table, rita serves everyone, but not niranjan. when ila asks her to, she asks her to do, as she has some work in the kitchen. all are tensed while

niranjan is furious. ila asks govardhan to start, but he says that he shall wait for Parimal. ila tells him that he has gone since morning, citing that he needs some

stuff from home. uday tells that parimal is on his way. parimal arrives, and ila asks where is the stuff he went for. he hesitates and says that he couldnt find. ila

understands something is going on, but doesnt comment. as all his sons sit down to eat together, he is happy along with ila. sameer asks parimal that its been long and

if they can have tonight. govardhan asks what. sameer suggests carrom. as all sons sit down to play and chat animatedly, niranjan is made fun of, because he is bad at

the sport. he fumes, while they all ask him to sit down, as he would sulk and sit elsewhere. they continue to tease him, till he joins in too. rahul starts laughing

too, commenting on how nothing has changed, and they still have the same personality. they discuss old days spent together. niranjan remembers the last night as a

bachelor, which they had spent together.

The next morning, rahul asks a friend to find out a flat soon, as he wants to get out soon. sameer joins in their discussion. his friend says that he shall confirm his

flat soon and then leaves. sameer asks why is he leaving. rahul says that he had told he would leave once he gets a job. sameer asks why he wishes to go. rahul says

that he did, because it was th need of the house, but the truth is he cant be happy here, as his father always reminds him of his grief, and he is always scared that

he doesnt say anything, that causes unnecessary strain. sameer says that nothing has happened. rahul says thats because he was restrained, hence nothing bad happened,

and comments that if he cant keep anyone happy, then he shouldnt be the reason of their sadness. he changes the topic and asks about him. sameer asks him to search for

a flat too, as they cant stay at rita’s, since he needs to man up. rahul complies, but then asks what about what happens, when their parents get to know about them

leaving the house. they both wonder.

The next morning, Ramakant comes and all sit down. govardhsn asks him what he wished to talk about. ramakant says that he wishes to talk about marriage. niranjan and puja ask him whats it, as he has already discussed and searcjed everything. ramakant says that it was the past and he wishes to talk about sameer’s furture. ila says that they can sit down and sort things, and then if they are at fault, they can apologise. ramakant says that he doesnt have any problem with them, but with sameer. ramakant asks why hasnt he stayed with his parents for the past 5 years. before he can reply, govardhan covers up for him. ramakant says that sameer was with puja for the past 2 years. puja and ila say that he made a mistake, and they have already gone over it, then why bring it up again. ramakant says that his daughter was at fault, and didnt say anything, but now wont sit quiet after marriage. he then asks sameer and puja where shall they stay and keep the baby after marriage. puja says that they shall stay here only. govardhan complies. sameer says that he was thinking…and puja comments that it isnt an individual decision, as she too shall have to live. hesitatingly, sameer says that they shall take a rented house. ramakant says that the answer itself shows how irresponsible he is, and that marriage isnt child’s play. he then turns to sameer saying that its no game, as its a matter of her daughter and her child’s life. ila and govardhan are shocked. ramakant orders them to stay here, with his parents, saying that he will not allow them to do anything after marriage, the way they like it. pujna says that she wanted that too, and asks sameer to comply. his parents tensedly eye him. he doesnt respond. she asks whats he thinking. he says that he shall have to think, as he cant take a major decision rightaway. ramakant says that he has to, since he is still not sure whether he can keep her happy or not, but is assured that in this house, with his family, she shall be happy. he asks him to think clearly and then respond, as if its a no, then this marriage doesnt happen at any cost. sameer still thinks. puja asks why is he delaying. sameer complies and says that puja shall stay here. ramakant says that they both have to, not just puja. sameer complies. ramakant complies. also, he warns sameer that he must have heard stories about him, and while not all of them, were true, not all were false either. they are tensed. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Sameer talks to rahul, expressing how he doesnt love puja and that its unfair and unjustified on his part, to marry puja, and adopt her child, since he doesnt love any of them, and in this frustration, how would he keep puja or the child happy at all. rita hears from a distance tensedly. he says that he doesnt want to be like govardhan, who gives the child to someone else, nor like parimal who takes out his life’s frustration on his own child and definitely not like parimal, who married without any love and that he did arranged marriage out of helplessness. rita is aghast to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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