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Sanyukt 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Rita is tensed while sameer and rahul walk in. rahul asks rita whats the matter, as he eyes the envelope. rita says that she was desperately waiting, but now that its

here, she doesnt know what to do. rahul says that once a step has been taken, it shouldnt be taken back, and gives her the envelope, asking her to be certain of what

step she takes ahead. she is tensed. they both leave. Later, rahul gets a call from his friend, telling him, that he saw tanu today, his girlfriend. rahul gets tensed,

while he tries to tell more. but rahul abruptly cancels the call, thinking that he doesnt wish to know whats happening in her life, as her memories already haunt him

in his life. he then gets govardhan’s call, to whose instructions,

he silently complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
Ila tries to talk to parimal about how they shall manage when gayatri is discharged. he says that uday shall go to hostel, he shall manage, and they shall get a nurse

for gayatri. but ila asks him to understand that gayatri shall be easily taken care of at home, with family. parimal agrees and says that he shall drop her, after she

gets discharged. ila asks him to come and stay too, as he isnt enemies with them. but he points out how difficult it is, as there shall be unnecessary tension between

him and govardhan. she tries to make him understand. just then, the nurse comes and tells ila that gayatri is looking for her. ila goes in. gayatri is sad to know that

he didnt agree. ila says that she could come and live with her, but the point is she wanted her to stay with them, so that her recovery is faster. when parimal comes

in, gayatri badgers him to come and stay too, as she cant stay in the house, without him. he points out the problem, but when she insists he complies, but begs them

not to badger him once gayatri gets better. they both comply. ila leves to get some work done.

Scene 3:
Location: Gharaunda
Govardhan is surprised and shocked to know that parimal is coming back. ila tells him the same. then govardhan wonders whats taking him so long. ila shows that parimal

has entered. its a happy reunion, as they both eye each other happily.

Gayatri is taken care by rita and the other ladies, as they aminatedly banter, amongst themselves. they also discuss gayatri’s love story with parimal. wherein ila

talks about how she chose her for marriage with parimal, and gayatri agreed but only on the condition, that she calls them chacha-chachi. the ladies are amused, while

ila pretends to be shocked at the playful and teasing nature of her bahus.

The next morning, parimal and govardhan pray together at the temple. then they get to animatedly chatting about old moments, when govardhan asks him to relax and ease

up too, as he wont get this time with family again, as he regrets. parimal suggests that he should open up some small business. govardhan says that he wants to give

time to family. they are amusedly bantering, when ila comes. parimal leaves. ila asks why is he so happy. govardhan says that he can see his dream materialising, of

having his entire family under one roof, which he couldnt till now. they both smile at each other.

In her room, rita finds maya’s number switched off since a week, and decides to wait for a couple more days, before taking her next moveb to find out about her, as she

is determined to get to the bottom of this matter.

Later, puja gives the phone to ila asking her to talk to ramakant. ila is happy when he agrees to marriage. sameer comes and gets to know this, and is happy along with

puja. ila goes to the priest to confirm a date. the screen freezes on sameer and puja’s happy face.

Precap: Ramakant comes and asks sameer and puja where shall they stay and keep the baby after marriage. sameer says that they shall take a rented house. ramakant

orders them to stay here, saying that he will not allow them to do anything after marriage, the way they like it. he warns sameer that he must have heard stories about

him, and while not all of them, were true, not all were false either. they are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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