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Sanyukt 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinto continues torturing Rahul and Sameer and applying chilli powder on Rahul’s wound. Parimal reaches with his friend inspector Sachin and team and rescues them all. Sachin asks Parimal to take his family home while he takes Pinto and his gang to police station. Parimal shatters seeing Uday in ghagra choli.

Parimal brings Uday home. Whole family stand in a shock. Rahul and Sameer drop Mandy to airport and return home. Ila asks distressed Parimal to speak something. Parimal hugs her and cries that her son failed. He then goes to Udaay and congratulates him for his big achievement. He was proud that his son will make him proud, but son defeated him. Uday cries no… Parimal gets chest pain and collapses. Whole family rushes towards him. Doc checks him and says

he got an anxiety attack due to severe stress, so family should make sure he does not get stess. Ila cries loudly and Niranjan consoles her. Gaaytri sits in a shock looking at Parimal. Ila consoles her and they both cry. Parimal asks them both to come out and let bhaiya rest. Uday stands outside room and asks Gayatri if papa will be fine. Gayatri angrily looks at hime and leaves followed bby whole family.

Uday sits on stairs crying. Ila tries tto console him and takes him to her room. He asks if papa will be fine. She says yes. He leans on her lap and continues crying. She reminisces Parimal’s words and collapsing and says her son wil be fine. She feeds Uday at night. Sameer comes to Ila’s room, fumes looking at Uday and walks back.

Sameer goes to Rahul’s room and fumes that he will sleep in his room today as she cannot withstand Uday’s face. Rahul asks him to relax and prepares drink. Sameer asks him to stop drinking so much and don’t spoil his health. Rahul says he is taking care of his health. Sameer says nobody is taking care of their health here. Niranjan comes. Sameer says he cannot imagine Parimal collapsing in front of him. Niranjan says even he feels same, so he came here. Rahul says it was a traumatic event for our family, so they all 3 have to be strong to console bhabhi and maa. He says they are getting too emotional, let us have a drink each. Sameer says only he and Niranjan will drink as Rahul will not get drink, he is spoiling his liver. Sameer says his condition has improved. Their argument starts. Niranjan asks them to stop and asks Sameer to throw liquor botttle in wash basin and come back. He divides glass drink in 3 glasses and says they will drink only this and enjoy.

Uday stabs Parimal in his chest. Parimal says he killed him today and falls down. Uday panics and throws blood stained knife.

Precap: Sameer gets and calls and gets tensed. He informs Rahul that Uday’s mujra video has gone viral in whole social media.

Update Credit to: MA

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