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Sanyukt 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Niranjan eyes the pic, when ila comes, and asks whats the matter. he points at the shattered glass, and she says that the glass was weak hence broke off, but inside, the picture is strong. he eyes the wounds, and she says that its okay, as they dont hurt, but what caused them did. he promises to change and turn a new leaf. they both hug. she comes in the room, and finds govardhan dressed, who says that he is going to the bank, to get smaeer’s passport. she starts fuming, and says that she wont question at all, and that she shall silently comply with this. he goes out without responding. she starts fuming and babling. rahul comes and tries to cheer her up, while asking her to bless him and wish him off, so that he has a nice day ahead. without taking tiffin,

he leaves. she smiles.

In his room, niranjan is tensed as to where is rita since morning, and starts thinking unpleasant doubts. he wonders whether to call, but just then, the kids return back with rita, and their baggage. she eyes him tensedly. they ask him about the wounds, and he gives them an excuse. he gets emotional seeing them, and tries to appease rita indirectly. as they retire to the room, niranjan is relieved thinking that everything is okay, but wonders what work to start now. he later takes a stroll in the garden with govardhan talking about how he lost money in the stock market, where the market fluctuated, but maintains that now he has resolved not to do anything like that. niranjan bares out his heart, about his failure in the earlier businesses. govardhan reminds him of his incredible financial debt, while niranjan tries to talk as to how he wanted his share of the haveli, to save his failed business, but govardhan didnt relent in. his father says that this is what he still holds him responsible for. niranjan asks him to be in his shoes. he talks about his frustration as to how he saw the business blooming, and his company flourishing, while he is still at square one. govardhan asks him to move on and get over the past, as he cant dwell in it for eternity.

When rahul returns back from office, the girls start playing with him, while he joins in too.

Scene 2:
Location: Parimal’s residence
Gayatri fumes thinking that parimal spoke and went out, without bothering to hear what she had to say, so that she silently fumes. when the doorbell rings, she thinks that parimal has come back, to appease him. but instead finds uday, her son. she is pleasantly surprised. he says that he came just like that. they both comment as to how they miss each other. she starts talking about his studies and he gets tensed, and distracts her. he starts surfing through the phone, when parimal comes. she asks why so sudden. he asks uday how he came suddenly. she says that he came just like that to meet his mother. she goes to the kitchen to make his favourite dish, but finds an ingredient missing

while parimal tries to talk, uday is busy with mobile. he asks uday about college, when he deliberately avoids it. Uday talks to parimal saying that he dosnt want to pursur further studies, or go to america, as he has left college. parimal asks what he means. uday remains on his stance. parimal is enraged. uday says that he shall do something else, as he has no interest in studies. parimal reminds him his good performance. parimal says that this is what he has always wanted, as he didnt get it in his time, because of some people. uday starts blaming him for shoving his dream on his son. he says that its his dream, and not his own. Parimal hears as uday vents out his frustration, at him for the first time. Parimal tries to talk to him nicely, and then furiously too, but uday walks off, maintaining his stance. when gayatri comes, she finds the tension, and wonders why is parimal so enraged again.

In the room, gaytari talks to uday as to whats gone wrong, but he says that he wont go. she asks him to let go of his phone, and talk properly. she tries to advise him, as to how he is going on the wrong track. but uday says that nothing like that should happen. she orders him almost, but he gives an under the belt comment about her uneducated status. she exclaims as to how she didnt leave her studies but had to, due to the status of the family, and gets emotional. he says that he has taken his decision and asks her not to get in between it. she asks how is that possible. he continues to give convincing arguements, while she talks about how she had spent sleepless nights, thinking that she took the wrong decision and should have completed her studies. he smirks and taunts her that even if she had studied ahead, she would have still been a simple, housewife. enraged, she slaps him tight across his face. he is shocked and leaves.

he starts telling gayatri, that her son has gone mad, first he leaves studies, then insults her and leaves the house, and now doesnt even pick up the phone. he asks her to listen one thing clearly that if his son cant respect his mother, then he doesnt wish to keep any relation with him. she cries inconsolably and gets tensed. she points out how exactly this has happened with him and his father, and asks him to atleast respect the father. he eyes her tensedly.

Scene 3:
Location: Gharaunda
When sameer takes his passport, he explains as to how he has got an assignment in Paris, that pays handsomely, and soon he might be able to build a house there too. govardhan gets increasingly tensed. the screen freezes on govardhan’s tensed face.

Precap: all the people in the family, try and convince uday to rethink his decision. uday says that he has well thought. rita says that they have experience slightly more than him, and asks him to listen atleast to parimal. uday says that he wouldnt want parimal’s dream to materialise through him. sameer asks him whats gotten into him suddenly that he talks like this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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