Sanyukt 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sanyukt 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Rita is extremely tensed in her room, when gayatri comes to console her, saying that nothing shall happen to niranjan. rita clutches her and cries her heart out, saying that she is scared, while gayatri comforts her. gaytri supports her decision and asks her to stick to those, and have faith in the lord, to get everything okay, and soon he shall change for the betterment. she asks rita to come out, as ila is getting tensed.

In the drawing room, they anxiously wait, while rita starts getting anxious. she tries to call rahul, but sameer stops her, asking her not to worry. ila and gayatri comfort her, that soon niranjan shall be back. they hear the car approaching and rush to the garden area. Parimal and sameer return back from the kidnapper’s place,

empty handed. rita asks them where is niranjan. all are tensed. they tell that the people took the money and asks them to go back and wait, for him to arrive back. rita goes back to reprimanding them all as to what if he doesnt come back, and the jewellery is gone too. she starts blaming all of them. parimal says that he did what they thought was right as they had no other option for niranjan’s safety, and they are concerned too, as they are brothers, even though she is the wife. rita feels guilty. They all console her, but she is very apologetic for behaving like that. rita turns to ila and govardhan too for apology, which is readily accepted. they get devyani’s call and are startled. she picks up and says that she was feeling restless, and asks if all is okay. ila explains and she gets tensed. parimal is tensed. they turn around and niranjan stands in front of them, having been dropped by some guys in the car, badly bruised and injured. rita rushes and hugs him, while others are overwhelmed with elation. niranjan tearfully goes upto them, while they tearfully accept him back. ila is apalled, but he says that its nothing. he apologises to everyone. parimal says that the best thing is that he is safe and they can talk later. he goes and hugs parimal. all are overwhelmed. gayatri tries to cheer them all up. they all get it.

Later, at the dining table, all banter while everyone is tensed, that ila isnt around, who is actually busy in the temple, thanking the lord. sameer takes leave for an early morning shoot. when ila comes back, she is tensed to find him going. but he cites it as urgent, and then hugging niranjan, he leaves. as sameer goes out, govardhan comes and says that he has lots to talk, but right now, he just wishes to say that he didnt plan on keeping him back, and asks him to come for the passport tomorrow. sameer leaves. rahul and rita too retire for the night, for their rooms. as parimal gets to leave, ila asks him to stay back with his wife for the night. gaytri is tensed. ila expects a yes. but he walks out with her. ila comes back, to them, and says that the entire family united, in trouble, but is that a necessary reason to be together. parimal says that they shall incite trouble, if they stay together, and hence its better they stay together, for troublesome times, and that overexpecting might lead them to lose what they already have. they leave. niranjan too retires off, leaving govardhan and ila alone in the garden as they hug each other.

In the room, rita is thoroughly tensed, as niranjan comes beside her, and thanks her galore for her contribution, which was paramount to save him. she is emotional but tensed. he tries to touch her, but she shoves him away, and then gets to bandaging him, while he tries to assure and assuage her. she asks him not to talk about it, as the mention of it is painful. he says that he shall get back her jewellery. she asks how, and says that seh isnt bothered about her jewellery as it shall come when it has to, and asks him not to bother. she goes to the balcony. he goes after her, and hugs her. she says that she didnt forgive him, as she can neither forgive nor forget and that the truth is she is his wife, and he the father of her children, and hence what she did today was a responsibility. he says that they can stay separately, as thats what she wanted. she says that she didnt want to stay with them, as she didnt know them, being with them, made her realise that they are very good people. he asks what should he do, to get her back. she asks him to start afresh then. he promises, but she stops him, asking him not to promise, and that the first thing is that whatever led to today, wont be repeated again. he complies. she asks him to freshen up and not sleep on the sofa from today. he happily complies.

The next morning, govardhan and ila talk, where she tells him that she saw rita going out, but didnt think it right to ask her where is she going. they are tensed as to what rita must have gone through. MEanwhile, niranjan wakes up, and eyeing his injuries, he remembers the way his family stood by him and feels highly guilty. he comes to rahul, who is fixing the family pic, and thanks him for what he did yesterday. rahul asks him not to bother as he did it for the family. Niranjan apologises to rahul too, for the way he taunted him. Rahul says that what he said the other day and what he says today, are least bit concerning to him, then why bother to apologise. niranjan hears tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Parimal’s residence
Parimal and gaytri again have a heated arguement, over whether to shift in the house, or atleast start living with them, more cozily. he starts talking about how he stood for the family when needed, and asks her what more does she want. she says that he shouldnt have said those bitter words to ila. they start the pros and cons of staying or not with family. she points out how he misses uday, and ila misses him like the same only. parimal gets enraged and asks why does ila want him to stay with them only. She says that she isnt saying that he bridges the distance in a day, while he adds that such a distance wont be bridged at all, as she has no clue of what pain, who is bearing. they eye each other tensedly. The screen freezes on Parimal’s face.

Precap: Uday talks to parimal saying that he dosnt want to pursur further studies, or go to america. parimal says that this is what he has always wanted, as he didnt get it in his time, because of some people. uday starts blaming him for shoving his dream on his son. he says that its his dream, and not his own. Parimal hears as uday vents out his frustration, at him for the first time.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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