Sanyukt 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sanyukt 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
While govardhan and ila are playing with the kids, niranjan tries to talk to rita about how she can give her jewellery to him, as he needs the money. but she is defiant, and then continuously asks why does he need it. he continues to divert the topic. his infidelity again springs up in their fight, and he asks if she hates him so much, then why does she stay. she gets enraged and packs her bags and walks out, taking the kids with her. govardhan and ila are shocked. niranjan moves out after them, and he too doesnt respond to her questions. they are tensed.

Later, when they dont get any info about the both of them, they are scared. rahul tries the number but it doesnt get through. niranjan meanwhile comes back, and they rush to him, as he enters the main

gate. but just then, some hooligans come to take niranjan and try and beat him up. he tries so as not to be seen. but govardhan and ila watch tensedly and are aghast from their balcony. they take him away in the van and drive off. they are aghast. rahul starts calling them all in the familt. others gather in too, one by one. parimal tries to get the police involved, who tell them that its simply a case of extortion and once they get the money, they shall send him back. after the police leaves. ila starts blaming herself, for not giving him the money. she lashes at govardhan too for accepting her stance. he asks her to calm down and decide what to do now. they wonder why the call isnt coming. parimal says that they shall take time, so that the family gets tensed, and pay up. ila again comes blaming herself. parimal asks her not to, as she did the right thing, since it had to stop someday. Rita comes in saying that its entirely their fault, and blames them, for overpampering him, which led to this day. govardhan says that even if they accept the blame, then too they need to find out what to do now. parimal reminds that its the kidnappers who shall call them now. they ask why hasnt the call come yet. parimal informs that the more they delay, that increases their chances of retrieving the money, as the family gets scared and arranges for payment. rita rushes in meanwhile, after getting a frantic call, from niranjan, through some number, to get the ransom. she hurriedly complies.

while rita is packing her jewellery, ila and gaytri come to her. ila says that govardhan shall get it, as ramesh has the cash ready and then parimal can get it. rita says that she isnt doing so but she only wishes to do so, that they might have done anything in anger, but its niranjan’s fault, and this time, he needs to realise it, as due to his mistake, she lost all her jewellery. she asks them not to stop her. gaytari takes off her jewellery too, but rita says that she has sufficient. she walks out. they are tensed. As Rita comes out with a bag, and they all tensedly ask her where is she going. she says that she is going to free him with the jewellery. all are tensed as they hear this. rita says that she knows of his offer. ila asks him to let her go, as she shall explain later. govardhan says that the police should atleast know. rita says that they shouldnt complicate as he has taken the money. and they need to return it back. Parimal stops her, saying that women of the house shall not go to such people, and asks where is it to be delivered. rahul complies too. rita thinks and then gives in. she shows them the address via message. sameer also wishes to go, but the ask him to stay back, as one of them should. they walk out. all are tensed. the screen freezes on Rita’s face.

Precap: Parimal and sameer return back from the kidnapper’s place, empty handed. rita asks them where is niranjan. all are tensed. they tell that the people took the money and asks them to go back and wait, for him to arrive back. rita goes back to reprimanding them all as to what if he doesnt come back, and the jewellery is gone too. she starts blaming all of them.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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