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Sanyukt 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Sameer comes out to find puja and ramakant coming in and is tensed. as they step out, sameer asks puja and she says that she did message him about their arrival. he starts checking his phone. Inside, niranjan and rahul fight about him confirming to rita that the girl he met was his girlfriend. rahul says that he didnt know for sure. he asks why did he doubt him then in front of rita. they find ramakant coming in, and rush to greet him. but he stands tensedly. they are reprimanded by him for not telling govardhan about rahul’s condition. nuiranjan says that they didnt want to disturb him. ramaknt asks them not to be presumptuous. puja asks him to calm down. he asks about rahul and then asks him to take meds on time. as she begins to take him, he expresses

his desire to talk to him in private. he complies. they both leave. On the terrace, ramakant asks sameer what did the inspector ask him. he says that he wanted to know his relationship with ramakant, who asks him to be honest. sameer says that he is. ramakant finds puja staring at them and leaves silently. puja goes after him. sameer stands tensedly.

Meanwhile, Gayatri comes to rita’s room, and finds her crying inconcolably, and without stopping, as she calms her down, while rita doesnt disclose whats the matter. when she does, gayatri is shocked that niranjan can do this, as rita expresses her doubts and concerns. gayatri asks what shall she do now. rita says that she feels like leaving, but then she thinks about this family, and the love that she has been given, but cant live suffocatedly like this. gayatri says that they wont let her live like this, and that once everything is okay between ila and govardhan, then they shall all sit down and discuss it.

While descending down the stairs, puja asks her father what did he talk to sdameer. he calls up someone, and asks them to find out every info about sameer, right from the scratch. she asks him whats going on, shocked, while he shushes her. he asks for a thorough background check-up. after he is done, she asks what and why is he doing this, as she has told him everything. he says that she said what she knew. ramakant says that sameer was lying through his teeth and he wants to know everything that he is hiding from him. then they sit in the car and drive off. sameer watches them from the balcony tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Parimal’s residence
Gayatri comes back to discuss with parimal and ila, about niranjan’s case and rita’s problem with him. gayatri wishes to do something, but ila is unable to believe niranjan could do this. Parimal asks her to stay out of niranjan and rita’s business. parimal gets to leaving for office. while gayatri gets ready preparing food for inder. parimal asks ila to stop being tensed for inder and his lies. inder comes and asks whats the matter. ila reprimands him for trying to mislead him. inder says that he never did anything like that and that parimal is lying. ila slaps him tighy across his face, while all are tensed. ila says that her sons never lie to her, and that parimal has no reason to lie to her, and says that she never thought he would do this to her. inder eyes them all tensedly and then walks off to his room. ila is distraught. sometime later, he comes back with his stuff packed up. gayatri is shocked and asks him to stay back, while ila watches stoically. inder begins to go, but she asks him to stop, as he cant create problems in her life and walk off, and that he shall have to answer. he stops, turns around and asks her what should he say, and tries to give a clarification. she asks why didnt he tell her. he asks how could he have, as he didnt want to disappoint her, in her brother, as he turned out to be a failure. ila says that speaking the truth never harms the brother. he gets emotional and says that he hjas always lived in the scare of ila disgusted about him, and his financial failure. he begins to leave, when she confronts him asking whats he hiding. he denies and she asks him to swear and finish it off. he hesitates when she mentions this, and retreats his hand away. he says that he cant swear wrong again. she asks when was the first time, and asks him again, when he hesitates. he breaks down, and says that he swore false on their dead mother. ila is distraught and asks when. he says that he had married his wife for money but lied to her about it. she is distraught, as govardhan’s claims come out to be true.he tris to caress her, but she shoves his hand away and collapses apalled on the bed, totally aghast. she asks how could he betray her, when she fought with her husband over him. he bends on his knees and profusely apologises, breaking down. they both cry their heart out. parimal and gayatri watch tensedly.

Scene 3:
Location: Gharaunda
Later in the night, rita comes to find niranjan packing, and asks him where is he going. he responds he is going to Nasik, to meet his friend. she taunts him whether he is running away with maya, leaving his wife and kids behind. he says that he doesnt have anything left to explain as he cant see hatred in her eyes like this, and living under the same roof, as enemies, is impossible now. he says that he just wants things to sort and become normal, and hence is taking a break. she asks what if nothing works out. he says thats the reason he is going, so that he can get a clearer picture. as he begins to leave, she stops him, and blames him for all this, and he shall have to bear the consequences. Niranjan asks rita how long this would go on and they have to bring things back to normal, and how can it end. she says that now its going to be like this and he shall have to make do with it, and bear the tension and pain, that she is going through. she says that now either he would be proven right or wrong, and that she shall call maya and ask about their relation. if she refuses then she shall go and meet her too. niranjan stands fuming, while rita says that this time she shall definitely find the truth. he says that he has deleted the number she called from, and tried to resist the various times, he felt like calling and asking why is she poiling his marital life. he says that he didnt feel like, as he didnt want to hear her voice. she asks if he is blaming her. he asks her to stop, and that their problems are due to her misguided doubts and silliness. she asks if he is indeed blaming her. he says that indeed he is, and responds aggressively, that he wont go but from his day forth, he shall neither apologise, nor give any clarification, as for him, this is the final straw, and she can think whatever she wants. she is shocked. he pushes her away and walks out, slamming the door behind him. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Inder asks for apology and forgiveness. ila says that humans forgive for mistakes, but only the lord can forgive for a sin. she walks in. she asks him not to go anywhere in the night and can leave in the morning. inder is tear stricken, while gayatri and parimal stand tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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