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Sanyukt 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: gharaunda
Rahul comes and finds the kids upset about what happened earlier, and tries to get them to cheer up, by dancing and joking around with them. the entire family, joins together and its a nice family time spent. Later, while ila retires for the night, and she happily banters with govardhan, rahul comes and hugs ila. she is boggled. Rahul hugs ila and explains that he got the job. he tells govardhan that by the end of the month, he shall get his room on rent. she asks if he would leave her. he reminds her of the deal. ila and govardhan get tensed. rahul leaves.

The next morning, at the temple, govardhan again complains to the goddess, that relations keep slipping away, as rahul shall leave now. she asks him to be content for what she does. she tries to explain

that sooner or later, they shall come to him. Inside, ila talks animatedly with rita, who is happy with her work in the kitchen. ila explains how she is sad for rahul, but rita tries to cheer her up. rita then serves tea for rahul, and they excitedly talk. she congratulates him on his job. he says that it was very unexpected and sudden. she then hesitatingly brings up the topic as to how everyone is tensed because of his decision to leave. he reminds her the deal. she says that it isnt hard and fast and asks him to stay back. he doesnt comply. she tries to joke about it. ila hears from a distance, and gets tensed. she cries in her room remembering what happened. when rita comes, she finds ila upset. she tries to cheer her up, but ila sadly tells her that she cant digest rahul shall leave her. rita says that they shall manage him somehow to stay back. ila isnt convinced. rita promises that they shall cry together if it doesnt work out. they botyh smile happily.

Outside in the lobby, niranjan meets some people, and comes back tensed, while rahul watches from the balcony. when he comes back, rahul asks him who were they, as he sensed they were fighting, and begs to know. niranjan shuts him down, and makes an excuse to get out of it. rahul isnt convinced.

While govardhan is busy, niranjan comes, and hesitatingly brings up the topic as to how he needs some cash for being in debt. govardhan asks him to take some from the almirah. niranjan says that he needs more. govarsdhan asks how much. niranjan responds ten lakhs. ila comes and overhears it. she asks him why. niranjan clarifies that he needs it for business, and it shall act as a loan. govardhan gets to giving, but ila reminds him that various times, he has promised but never returned. niranjan asks him to come for money, but ila stops him, asking him to be self sufficient. govrdhan tries to intervene, but ila warns that they shall feed him, but not give him one penny. niranjan pamperingly badgers ila to give one last time. ila says that she doesnt know how to save at all. Niranjan says that he needs it for business. but govardhan says that he knows the reason isnt that, but for those fast earning schemes. he tries to ask him not to go for shortcuts, and then asks him to become independant. he leaves frustratedly. they both are tensed.

As rahul packs up for the first day, rita comes and asks him how is he feeling. he expresses his nervousness and anxiousness at rejoining the second time. she gives him a ganesha locket, for the blessings of the lord. he says that he cant take it, and asks her to continue praying. but she insists him to take it. he finally complies, on her insistence. she talks about how overwhelmed she is to have found her relations with them all. rahul leaves and seeks ila’s blessings and the lord, but she reminds him to go and meet govrdhan too before leaving. he complies tensedly, and goes to govardhan to touch his feet. govardhan excitedly blesses him, for success and happiness.

Niranjan tries to talk to someone over the phone, asking for somemore time, but he is told that his time is running up. he tries to negotiate, but the moneylender warns him to now see what he shall have to face. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: In the middle of the night, some hooligans come to take niranjan and try and beat him up. he tries so as not to be seen. but govardhan and ila watch tensedly and are aghast from their balcony.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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