Sanyukt 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update


Sanyukt 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Rita and gayatri sit tensedly, while the kids get excited when niranjan comes back home, tearfully. noone says anything. gayatri watches him in disgust. rita eyes him tensedly. niranjan after giving them the dolls leaves for ila’s room. gayatri is apalled at what rita is going through, and what shall happen to her when she knows the truth.

Later at night, niranjan sits with the kids, when rita returns back, and they both together take care of the kids and put them to sleep. after that, rita tries to go, but niranjan holds her back. she gets tensed and turns around, jerking her hand away and leaves. he gets tensed. they both sleep, with the kids in between them. niranjan is in grave tears. after rita doses off, he goes to ila’s room, and finds

her sitting wide awake. she eyes him tensedly. he says that he did everything that she wanted, but now she needs to comply to his wish. she asks him to be clear on what she is saying, and that rita shouldnt cry anymore, and if he fails in this by even a percent, then there would be dire consequences, and she shall always have eyes on him. he stands shamefacedly.

The next morning, the ladies all pray together at the temple. rita comes and apologises to ila, for having misbehaved with her the earlier day, even though she wasnt at fault, and was herself tensed. gayatri comes and tells her that ila isnt angry or miffed at her at all. she asks ila to speak up. she finally blurts out that she mey maya last night. rita is stunned into silence. she adds that she neednt be tensed as niranjan and maya arent having an affair, and it might seem disbelieving to her, but maya is happily married, and there are no connections between them. gayatri is shocked at this turn of events. rita smiles, and ila too smiles and hugs her. gayatri is stunned. she wonders how can ila lie standing in the temple.

Meanwhile, niranjan is busy with kids, when rita comes with a smile. the kids are sent off to their room, by him, after which they both eye each other tensedly, while she remembers what ila told her at the temple, to start afresh in life, with him. he comes to her and asks her to get ready for the rehearsal, as he shall drop her, after they have breakfast together, which he leaves to get. but she holds him, and apologises for doubting. he apologises too, saying that he didnt understand her anger and frustration, and instead reprimanded her, that things got out of proportion. he promises to love her till the end, and says that now noone can come between them. she smiles through her tears. he asks her to close her eyes. when she complies. he goes aside, and comes to confront her, and presents her jewellery as a gift. she smiles. then he helps her wear the new earrings he bought for her. she compliments them, and says that she just needs this love of his. he kisses her on the forehead. she hugs him and he comforts her.

Gayatri hastily rushes to her own room, unable to believe what just happened, as she remembers the phone call earlier. she breaks into tears, and doesnt even hear parimal coming in asking her to finalise on the colours. when she realises his presence, she says that she wishes to go to pune today only, and that they can finish up the paint work there only, as she doesnt want to stay here anymore. he calms her down and asks whats the matter and if anyone said anything. she hugs him and starts crying inconsolably. he comforts her and gives her a glass of water, and complies to going to pune, and asks her whats the matter. she says that she has had enough of this joint family, and that she never paid attention to his advise, to stop seeing the dream of a joint family, as she only was convinced by ila, who she presumed considered them as her daughters, and believed in her love for them. she reminds how proud she was at ila’s stance for rita in front of niranjan, but what she did today broke all faith she had, and shook the basic existence of their relationship and hence doesnt want to stay here. he tensedly asks her to calm down and explain everything. she then starts narrating everything. she sdays that the truth is niranjan has betrayed rita. he refuses to believe this. she takes it on herself saying that this means she is lying, as his mother cant. he says that he didnt mean that, and that maybe its a misunderstanding, and there must be more to the matter than what seems the eye. she says that she knows about the affair. he asks her how does she know. she then tells everything, about ila’s investigation and her meeting with maya, after which she lied, that she didnt even meet maya. she talks about the tension ila was in, and presumed it was because she was mustering the courage to speak to rita. gayatri asks how could she only think of niranjan, her son, as rita too is someone’s daughter and deserved to know the truth and that she has no right to spoil rita’s life. he eyes her tensedly. he asks her to stop, as he wont stand another word against his mother. she asks if he thinks she likes it, and thats why she doesnt want to stay here, and shall leave. she starts packing, while he hollers for her. he tries to calm her down, saying that they wont go, after she wrongly accuses his mother. she says that he only wanted her to go. he says that not on wrong accusations, and she should prove it, or else not place such accusations. she says that she wont wont prove anything. she asks him to stay here if he so wishes but she wont. he holds her by the hand and wrenches her, saying that either she takes the blame back or else she stays and proves it and till then neither, he nor she shall leave. he walks out. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Gayatri confronts ila and asks her directly, whether she would support her daughter in laws over their sons, in her case with parimal, or niranjan with rita. ila gets alert hearing this. gayatri laments at ila’s stand. she says that when the time comes, she shall neither be able to side with rita nor her, as she would always prefer niranjan over her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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