Sanyukt 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sanyukt 22nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
when govardhan is tensed, about sameer and his decision, gaytari comes and they talk about how sameer is behaving weird. she puts him at peace, when he talks about his fight with ila. she then goes in and is assured by ila too, that they shall be fine. she leaves. ila comes out to play with govardhan and the kids. the kids on govardhan’s insistence continue to badger but he vents out his frustration at them and walks away. they get tensed. ila composes them while he leaves to talk to rahul, and asks how could he do this to the kids. rahul says that they wanted what he couldnt give, as he hates cricket. govardhan asks why as at the selection when he was young, he got out on the first ball, and rahul vehemently enforces that it was umpire’s wrong decision.

govardhan says that he too feels bad, but they cant do anything. he places a reassuring hand on his shoulder. govardhan asks rahul not to bother himself down so much, from the past and not move ahead as thats wrong. a miffed rahul says that he doesnt knows whats right and wrong. he says that he only wanted two things from life, one destiny took away and one he himself, and he shall always be angry at both of them for life. govardhan is tensed. rahul reminds him the dates and time that has passed by and he hasnt forgotten anything. govardhan leaves. rahul meanwhile remembers his love affair.

Inside, he discusses rahul’s sadness with ila, and blames himself, and asks why is rahul blaming himself. she says that he wont be happy if he is sad. they tensedly talk about how rahul’s past haunts him, his present and furture. she asks him to find a job for rahul.

While niranjan talks, rita comes and reprimands him for talking like this to rahul. they start squabbling yet again. he starts self victimising himself, while she starts taunting his ego. she gets emotional about how she is feeling suffocated inside, and has lost the power to fight too. but niranjan continues to taunt her on. rita stands on the balcony, in tears, when govardhan comes and finds her like this. he assures her and places a reassuring hand on her shoulder. rita composes herself. he tries to cheer her up, but gets nostalgic himself. they both share their pain together. he says that its her decision to share the pain with them or not, but she needs to share it with someone to lessen it. she accepts she is in pain, but doesnt know for sure, whether she should be. he says that they can merely hug her and relieve her of pain.

Later, govardhan talks to ramesh about fixing a job for rahul, explaining his current state, after apologising for what happened the other day. he also asks him not to share it with anyone. ramesh complies. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Rahul hugs ila and explains that he got the job. he tells govardhan that by the end of the month, he shall get his room on rent. she asks if he would leave her. he reminds her of the deal. ila and govardhan get tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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