Sanyukt 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul confronts Hetal and asks why she hates love so much. Hetal tells him about her sister’s breakup and how much she hates that boy as her sister ruined her life because of that boy and even their father died because of that boy. He says she is heart broken with Sam’s act like her sister’s heart broke. She asks if he is not heart broken due to his girlfriend’s betrayal. He says he still loves that girl and does not have time for hatred. He suggests her to stop hiding her feeling for Sam and express it. She looks at Sam and she hurt Sam a lot. He says everything is in her hands now and jokes mimicking SRK’s lines. Hetal smiles and leaves.

Rahul goes back to cafeteria. Sam asks he went to convince Heal, what happened. Rahul says Hetal left as she does not want to spoil cafeteria

environment. Sam says he wanted to talk to Hetal after cafeteria closes and convince her again. Rahul gives him rose and says this idea works from ages, he should pluck 1 petal and say she will come, she will not. Sam starts plucking petals and repeating she will come, she will not.

Tanu calls Sam and asks if he spoke to Hetal. Sam says he spoke, but she went. His bhaiya gave him rose and ask to pluck each petal with a word she will come, she will not. Tanu asks if her bhaiya believes in it. Sam says bhaiya does not and his girlfriend made him believe it. Tanu reminisces teaching Rahul same and their earlier meeting. Rahul plucks flower petals looking at Tanu’s pic and says each time he plucks petal, she gives a signal that she will return, why did not she since 6 years. Tanu also looks at Rahul’s pic and says why did not he return back. Tujhe yaad na meri in the background. They both cry looking at each other’s pics.

Falak and Bejal think whether to make Valentine’s day card for mamma and papa or not as papa is not here at this time. They prepare card anyways. Ila comes and asks what are they preparing. They say Valentine’s day card for mama and tell them how they asked mama to give it and they celebrated with halwa cake. Bejal says how will they celebrate now as papa will not come. Ila hugs them and cry.

Precap: Sam enters cafeteria and sees lights off. He calls Rahul. Hetal comes wearing his gifted black dress, holding flowers.

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