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Sanyukt 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Niranjan fumes, as ila vents out her frustration at him, for being so callous in him comments. she warns him to improve himself and then leaves. niranjan fumes. then he gets sameer’s call, asking about the passport and he gives the phone to ila, who says that she shall talk to govardhan and find out. later, when govardhan and ila are about to retire for the night, he informs her, that sameer can have it in 3, 4 days after he gets it from the bank locker. she asks him to find out where is sameer planning to go, but he says that if he wishes, then sameer would tell himself, otherwise he doesnt want to smother them yet again by interfering too much. she tensedly complies. they both dose off.

At night someone knocks on their room, and they are shocked

to wonder who is it at 2 in the night. he opens the door to find rahul completely drunk. seeing him, she rushes to take him to the room, but he wishes to talk to him, and then tells govardhan that he isnt the gardener of this house, that he waters the plants everyday, as he has done an MBA. to avoid any confrontration, she begins to take him, but he stands there and says that his idea of a happy family shall never be fulfilled, and also tells him that niranjan should be told that he stays at his own father’s house, and not niranjan’s and then says that the person who doesnt have food, money or employment, where would he go, if not at their parent’s. she asks him to stop, but he says that he too feels the pain, of being a burden on his family. she forcibly takes him from there and then puts him to sleep in his room. after pulling the drapes on him, she begins to go, when he holds her hand and says that he loves her, and she is divine. she asks him to go to sleep. he again reminds that he isnt a gardener. she gets emotional after putting him to sleep, as she eyes him.

The next morning, rahul wakes up as ila splashes cold water on his face. he wakes up alarmed, and finds he standing scornfully. she then reprimands him for his repeated mistake, which sound intentional now. he has a headache. she says that she knows he drinks, and cant suddenly leave it, and she has come to terms with that, but he needs to leave his behaviour, after he drinks, or else leave her. he is shocked. she is angry. he makes her sit down and says that they have problems with the father, but the truth is he doesnt hide it. she says that this is between him and his father, why should she be sandwiched. he says that he understands, and says that last night wasnt anger, but frustration, directed at himself and his joblessness. she asks whats his fault if the company shut down. he says that they are all excuses, and says that if she is so angry, then he wont live here. she reprimands him yet again. he hugs her. Later, rahul smilingly gets water for govardhan, while he is gardening, and then helps him too in the work. ila watches from the balcony happily.

In their room, ila talks about the acting job over the phone, with someone, sipping tea, while niranjan is getting ready. he fumes that she is drinking tea, but didnt give it to him. as she leaves for some work, he finds the chance to gulp down some tea and then hurriedly rushes back to his place. as she comes back, she finds the teacup empty and is boggled. he starts whistling carelessly, and comes to her, while she eyes him scornfully. she is shocked that he can be comical even in fights.

Later, govardhan is talking to his daughter Devyani on the phone. after exchanging the casual greetings, ila talks to her, and gets worried while doing so. devyani says that she shall talk later. she complies and cuts down the phone. he asks whats the matter. she says that she didnt say anything, but her tone suggested some tension to her, but she instinctively feels something is wrong. he asks her not to bother unnecessarily, and just then, they find Rita practising her drama, in the garden. they amusedly wtch, as she obliviously performs. she is embarassed as she eyes them watching her. ila comments humourously. rita talks about the opening of the drama next week, and that all of them have to come. they happily complies. rita talks about learning to cook in the kitchen, and they happiyl comply.

In the kitchen, they animatedly banter, while rita and ila prepare govardhan’s favourite dish. just then, gayatri comes, and all are happily amused. gossiping starts. rita starts feeling left out, as gayatri and ila have a happy reunion and animatedly bantering, obliviously ignoring her and her scorn. she slightly feels pangs of jealousy. rita silently leaves, while they are too engrossed to notice. At the dining table, all compliment gayatri, as she took over preparing the dish. rita doesnt like it, as it was her idea. gayatri comments on how cute they look together. ila and govardhan retort back smilingly. all are amused, except for rita, who feels out of place. he then turns to rita and says that she was planning to make. gayatri apologises saying that she took over rita’s kitchen and apologises. rita asks her not to bother as she shall try some other day. ila asks about uday, and gayatri says that he loves his hostel life. Gayatri sits to eat with rita, govardhan and ila. rita ask her about parimal. she says that everything is okay but he has grown more irritable, and when asked if he didnt stop her, and she amusedly says that she didnt ask, just told and went out. but then she asks him how long shall this go on like this, and they need to sort it out anyhow. govardhan says that he too had thought the same, but he doesnt think it shall end so soon. all are tensed.

In her room, niranjan fumes, while rita walks while rehearsing her dialogues. While walking, with papers in her hand, rita accidentally slips and as fate would have it, niranjan dives right in to scoop her in his arms. they have a romantic eyelock, and they both smile at each other, as romance and love ensues. The screen freezes on their smiling faces.

Precap: Ramesh comes and talks to govardhan and ila about sameer and asks whether he has a girlfriend or not. they get tensed. she decides to call sameer and find out. but ehen she places the call, and asks him this, amusedly he gets tensed when asked this question. sameer talks to ila, while ramesh and govardhan discuss the same.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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