Sanyukt 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul enters cafeteria and sees Sam and Hetal engraped into each other’s eyes. He asks what is happening. Hetal says Sam decorated cafeteria alone. Rahul asks is it. Sam says his brother is very talented. Rahul says he should shut his studio as he is always found here. Hetal says right. Sam says he comes here for Prachi, winking at Rahul. Rahul taunts him. Hetal gets jealous. Rahul takes Sam aside and asks if Hetal is the girl he used to talk about. Sameer says yes and tells his plan.

Gayatri tells Parimal that Uday has not gone out since a long time and so wants to go out today. Uday says he wants to go to Sam and Rahul chachu’s restaurant as they invited him. Parimal permits and asks not to fall for valentine thing. Uday says okay and leaves. Gayatri thinks this valentine’s day is good.

Prachi comes and Sam praises her that she is looking pretty. Hetal gets jealous. Prachi says Sam that she is wearing his gifted dress. Hetal says she did not wear though. Sam says he noticed it and starts praising Prachi. Hetal gets more jealous.

Uday reaches restaurant and asks Sam how is his date going and looks at Prachi. Sam warns him to just concentrate on what he came for. Uday greets Hetal and starts praising Sam. Sam says it is getting overboard and asks what he wants to have. Hetal gives menu. Rahul tells Hetal that a boy has booked table to propose his girlfriend and is their special guest today. Sam says he is the guest.

Sam tells Hetal that he will propose Prachi today. Hetal asks if he really wants to. He says yes and holding her face expresses his feeling how it feels in love and mimics Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’s SRK style. She gets emotional but when Sam calls her Hetal and asks if she feels music. She reminisces Tau calling her Hetal and angrily says she is Hates. He asks if she felt or not. She says no.

Precap: Sam’s friends ask him to forget Hetal and propose Prachi. Sam looking at Hetal says okay, he will date Prachi from hereon. Hetal gets teary eyed.

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