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Sanyukt 20th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rita reminisces Gayatri repeatedly discussing topic about Maya and Niranjan and fumes. Niranjan comes and asks why she looks angry. She starts yelling abot Gayatri that she is trying to act as good in front of Ila and create problem between her and Niranjan. Niranjan say Gayatri is really good and she need not act. Rita continues yelling and walks out. Niranjan relaxes that she left.

Ila is busy cooking in kitchen. Rahul comes and tells he needs to buy gold jewelry, so he needsd her help. She gets happy thinking he wats to marry now, calls Gayatri and informs her. Gayatri also gets very happy that Rahul has found a girl for marriage. She is over phone chatting with Iday and tells Chachu has found a girl. Uday says he will congratulate Chachu. Rahul takes phone and asks if kidnapper

freed her. Uday starts acting again and says kidnapped allowed him to speak to maa on gunpoint and asks if he arranged jewelry. Rahul says yes and is trying to add some more. Uday says even 6-7 lakhs worth jewelry. Rahul asks him not to worry.

Ila comes to Rahul’s room with jewelry and starts again that she is happy that he forgot his girlfriend and moved on. Rahul gets very angry and shouts howmany times he has to tell her that he cannot forget his girlfriend and will never marry. Ila starts crying. Rahul then consoles her and says he needs jewelry for Sameer’s photoshoot and not for marriage and he needs imitation jewelry. Ila says she has lots of jewelry and gives it to him.

Monty speaks to his mother tensely and disconnects call. He informs Uday that college people have started sending mails to parents of students who have low attendance. Uday gets tensed that their attendane is zero, what they will do now, already they are i a mess.

Parimal gets a mail from Uday’s college about his low attendance. Uday calls hhim just then and tells he is studying well in college as he gave responsibility on himself and will not disappoint him. Parimal calls college and hostel adn comes to know that Uday has not gone to college or hostel since 1 month. He fumes that his son lied him.

Precap: Niranjan calls Uday and asks if he is in college. Uday says yes. Niranjan packs his clothes to reach Uday’s college and hostel. Sameer and Rahul reach the spot with fake jewelry and speak to kidnapper/Monty to free Uday.

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