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Sanyukt 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda and rita’s studio
Govardhan and ila are incredibly tensed as to how niranjan and rita are having trouble in their marriage. they remember the way they fought, and discuss how niranjan was supposedly their most innocent child, and yet he screwed up like this. he says that this makes them feel as if they dont know their sons at all. she asks him to think about rita, as she wont be able to be at ease when she finds rita depressed and distraught like that. he asks her to let time decide the course of action and not worry herself. she is tensed still. meanwhile, rita cries herself to sleep.

The next morning, as ila plays with the kids, rita coems and serves her tea. rita apologises for waking up late, as she slept late last night. ila says that its perfectly

fine and normal. While she is aminatedly bantering, about how ila has pampered the kids, ila talks about how much they lovwe her. they both smile. then ila hesitatingly brings up the topic of how late they too slept last night, cititng a film, that matches rita’s condition. she starts talking about them in the pretext of the story of the film. Ila talks to rita that she shouldnt let misunderstanding creep in their relationship. rita asks what if the father gets to know. she says that he will talk to someone else. rita stoically responds back saying what should she do, if all the misunderstandings were true. ila is speechless, as rita laves. ila wonders how to make her understand, as her son is really at fault, and wonders why she met this fate.

Later, Niranjan’s friend comes to meet him, and points out how lucky he is to have landed a stay in this house. niranjan gets tensed. he asks about rita, and niranjan tells him that she has gone for audition. rahul comes with the kids ready for school, and asks their father to tell ila that he has gone. his friend again comments on his luxury and worklessness here. niranjan fumes. govardhan comes and talks to niranjan about his room. after he leaves, niranjan talks about the pressures of being in a joint family. his friend asks if he has gone nuts. niranjan says that govardhan has a big family as it is. his friend then starts talking business, again bringing up the topic of joint family, and its perks, irking niranjan.

When niranjan calls, rita refuses to pick up, while she is getting ready. he calls yet again, and she sends the makeup artist out, and then receives asking him if everything is okay in the house, and if it is, then she neednt talk to him. he is tensed as she abruptly cancels. he tries yet again and she picks up, saying that she doesnt wish to talk. he says that he heard, but still he is insistent in calling, only because he still loves her, and he hasnt lied to her. when she doesnt respond, he begs her to talk. she then blurts out, that they have had this talk so many times, that they dont have anything new to talk. he tries to talk, but she says that nothing has changed between them and his talks wont change anything, so he neednt bother trying. he says that he cant bear whats going on, her taunts and her anger directed at him, and he cant live like this. she asks him to think about it, before he started the love affair. she cancels. he tries to vent out his anger but himself gets hurt.

Scene 2:
Location: Gayatri’s house
While parimal is working, he gets a call from Sameer, asking about the passport, whether its with him, as he submitted for a loan, from his bank. he asks whats the matter, after parimal denies that he doesnt have it. sameer says that he needed it. parimal says that maybe govardhan has it, and asks him why he needs it. sameer says that nothing is finalised yet, and abruptly begins to cancel, when parimal taunts him as to how he used to talk to him, when he needed a loan from the bank, but not now, when his work with him is done. a frustrated sameer asks him to talk like this with niranjan, as he doesnt like it. parimal cancels and fumes.

Scene 3:
Location: Gharaunda
Outside in the gardens, govardhan is watering the plants, when he calls up Rahul. he resignedly complies. he shows rahul a particular tree of mangoes, trying to small talk. when rahul begins to leave, govardhan asks where is he going. he cites some work. govardhan asks what work could he have, as he just has to pick up the kids. he suggests that they can take care of the house together, and he can take the responsibility of watering the plants. he starts lecturing, while rahul hears tensedly. as he turns around, he finds rahul gone, and laments at his situation. Inside, rahul helps out his mother with something, while ila goes out to work on something else. niranjan comes and intentionally starts taunting him, and rahul retorts back with a befitting reply, which irks niranjan. he asks rahul whats he doing here, as he sold his ego, and is mooching off his brother. ila comes and starts reprimanding niranjan for talking to his little brother like that, and that all four sons have equal right on everything, and they should not talk like this. niranjan leaves with a taunt. ila asks rahul not to feel bad, as she finds him tensed. then she goes after niranjan, while rahul controls back his tears. ila comes to nirajan and starts reprimanding him for making rahul’s stay more difficult, when he so badly agreed. niranjan asks if they dont have importance since they came easily. she asks if he taunted enough, and says that rahul is going through a difficult time, and if they dont support, then who will. niranjan says that he isnt the only one having problems, but she is least bothered. Ila says that she understands his difficult times, as she finds him sleeping every day outside, leaving his room, and asks him who was that girl, whom he wanted to marry. he is tensed and turns to ask, if rita told her. she asks him to trust his wife, as whatsoever he is, she never speaks ill of him. she asks the response. he clarifies, that the girl used to work when he had his computer business. she asks him why he didnt tell them, and he responds that she had left him, when his computer business sank. she asks why. he asks her not to worry, as its small and long forgotten. she says that this small thing, has become big for their marriage and she has full right to know, as its caused strain. he says that their relationship ended, as she wanted someone secure and financially stable. she asks if she did find. he denies. she says that this means she is still unmarried. he says maybe. she asks him to answer properly. he says that there is no affair, if thats what she wants to know, and that after two years, he accidentally met her, at a coffee shop and he explained everything to rita, but she doesnt believe. ila says that he did lie to her and to this family too, and they are bound to react like that. she tells him point blank, that if he tries to cause rita harm or hurt her at all, then she wouldnt spare him at all. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Gayatri comes to pay a visit, and while she sits to eat with rita, govardhan and ila, they ask him about parimal. she says that everything is okay but he has grown more irritable, and asks him how long shall this go on like this, and they need to sort it out anyhow. govardhan says that he too had thought the same, but he doesnt think it shall end so soon. all are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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