Sanyukt 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer goes to Hetal’s house and gives her dress as valentine gift. She gets very happy seeing it. Prachi comes and he gives her also dress and says he brought it for her and brought her friend Hetal a gift as a courtesy. Hetal fumes in anger and throws gift. Sam asks Prachi to wear this dress for cafeteria and leaves. Prachi checks her dress. Hetal says she will not wear it to cafeteria. Prachi says she will wear it, what is wrong in it. She checks Hetal’s dress and says it is very beautiful and she should wear it for cafeteria. Hetal checks dress, but reminisces Sam’s proximity to Prachi jealously throws it.

Sam reaches cafeteria and sees Hetal not wearing his gifted dress. He wishes her good morning. She says he wished good morning at home already. Their argument starts. She

asks him not to propose Prachi as she already has a boyfriend. Sam says he knows and he told Prachi that they will try for some time and if they are compatible, the will continue, else break up. She says she wants to save him. He asks if she as any other better option. She says no. He thought she will tell she will love him, but she did not. He will prove her that he and Prachi are compatible to each other.

Parimal returns home and fumes that youngsters are doing weird acts in the name of valentine’s day. It is good Uday is not like that. Uday speaks to Sam and Sam describes how much Hetal was jealous of Prachi, also tells about valentine theme at cafeteria. Uday says even he wants to attend party. Sam asks to come over. Rahul asks him to wait until h comes there, he will record Sam and Prachi’s first kiss. Sam scolds him and disconnects call smilingly. Uday goes and asks Parimal if he can attend Rahul and Sam’s cafeteria as there is valentine’s day theme happening there. Parimal scolds that he can go some other day and walks out. Uday asks Gayatri why her husband is so angry today and says he is 19 now and even he thinks of having girlfriend. They both laugh.

Sam sits in cafeteria and works on laptop without paying attention to Hetal. Heal thins if he is really inn love with Prachi, he is not even looking at her. Rahul goes near her and asks what is she thinking. Hetal says Prachi has gone on a date with her boyfriend Ricky. Sam says that is good, she will spend whole evening with him then, Prachi is so intelligent. She asks if he is really i love. He asks what..She says if he is in love, then he would be jealous hearing Prachi with some other boy. Sam says like she got jealous seeing him with Prachi.

Precap: Sam tells Prachi that she will find it difficult to tell I love you for the first time, but if she says by heart looking into one’s eyes, she will repeat it may times. He holds looks into her eyes and says I love you.

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