Sanyukt 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sanyukt 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Rita comes tensedly to the dining table, to find them all happily eating away the halwa that she had made. she is boggled, and asks govardhan that he doesnt eat it, then why is he doing so now. he distracts her with humour, and ila too joins in, while niranjan sits tensedly. rita lightens up. govardhan gets niranjan to engage in the conversation, by asking her what else she cooks well. he gets up and leaves abruptly. rita gets tensed. they deliberately ignore. In the kitchen, working later, as rita is preparing tea for ila and govardhan. rita asks her why she felt so bad, and ila explains thats what its like to live in a joint family. ila lightens up the mood, and govardhan joins in too. its a nice family bonding time. LAter, out in the terrace, ila and rita

are chatting, when she tries to bring up the topic of niranjan, and she explains that she forgot she has to leave, and distracts it completely. she finds her kids playing with rahul, and tries to get them to be ready. but they rtefuse. ila and rahul offer to help them in school, while she can go. she is overwhelmed, while ila expllains that these are the perks to living with a family. all have a good laugh. ila and rahul get the kids ready, and he waives them goodbye. she complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Gayatri’s house
after parimal has a tiff with gayatri, over some literacy issue. she brings up the topic of losing their family to live like this. parimal with his negative nature points out how she is merely lost in the grandeur of the haveli. he leaves tensedly, while she goes after him, and shuts the door. later, wghen rita comes, after her work is over,. they chat over nicely, and rita expl;ains the current situation. but finding her lost, she asks if everything is okay. rita hurriedly leave so thst she doesnt have to deal with the aftereffects.

Scene 3:
Location: Gharaunda
Govardhan too notices and tries to talk to niranjan about his problems and issues with rita, but he doesnt give a proper response. govrdhan sits tensedly.

Later, Ila comes and gives a painting of Radha-Krishna to rita, saying that this strengthens love between the couple. rita smiles tensedly. Niranjan comes and eyes them tensedly. he looks weirdly at the painting. ila leaves. niranjan and rita eye each other tensedly. ila meets govardhan and they decide to retire to their room, for the night. inside the room, niranjan starts fighting with rita, that definitely she must have said something, and thats why they are so concerned. she retorts back. he asks if everything is his fault. she says that she didnt do anything, like what he did. he stands speechless. she begins to walk away, and he wrencehs her hand and asks her what has he done. she wriggles her hand free and then gives a befitting response, that he broke her trust and betrayed her. he speeaks that he hasnt done anything like that. she asks him not to scream as screaming doesnt change the truth. he throws a vase to vent out his anger, and this alarms govardhan and ila. they are tensed. Niranjan and rita have a huge fight yet again, when she asks him if its a lie that he had an affair before marrying her, and wanted to marry her, and kept it hidden from her, and still secretively meets her. he frustratedly says that all allegations are true, he had an affair, he wanted to marry her, and also kept it hidden from her, but he didnt tell her at marriage as it was over by then. he says that he met her merely once. she says thats the one time she caught him and thats convenient. she continues to point out that he still has an affair with that girl. he storms out of the room, to sleep outside. govardhan and ila hear it from outside and are tensed and shocked. They discuss as to whats going on. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Ila talks top rita that she shouldnt let misunderstanding creep in their relationship. rita asks what if the father gets to know. she says that he will talk to someone else. rita stoically responds back saying what should she do, if all the misunderstandings were true. ila is speechless.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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