Sanyukt 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hetal asks Sam if he decorated cafeteria. He says yes and asks if she liked it, he saw her expression. She says she did not react. He says he has evidence, shows his camera, and says he recorded her expressions and her telling I love you to a teddy. What will happen if people know about Hates love side. She says it is really good. He says he needs a hug like she usually does. She pinches him. He asks what happened to her, she was not like this before, why she changed. She stands teary eyed. He says one should not ignore love…She gets emotional, but then says she will call everyone and show decoration. He stops her and says he wants to confess, he is in love. She says she does not believe in love. He says he is in love though with Prachi and wants to propose her. Hetal is shocked. Prachi enters with other colleagues and asks Sam if he decorated it, it is amazing. Sam says he did it for her and hugs her. Prachi angrily bursts balloon. Camera records her angry expressions.

Sam shows Hetal’s expressions on his camera to Uday. Uday says Hetal is really fuming in jealousy. He asks he was not sure about it before. Sam says he knows Hetal also loves him. Uday looks at Prachi and asks if she is also in first year. Sam says she already has a boyfriend.

Prachi signs song while drying her hair. Hetal angrily says she has to study and to stop all this. Prachi says Sam like it though. Hetal asks her to just think of friendship and not more than that. Prachi says yes and enjoys her expressions.

Sam sends Hetal’s clip to Tanu and asks if she saw it. She says she is watching it repeatedly and he is going on a right path and keep making Hetal jealous. She then cries that Sam’s family is not like Rahul and will not reject Hetal..Rahul in his room sipping alcohol looking at his and Tanu’s pic.

Precap: Sam tells Hetal that she thinks one cannot be happy in love, he will propose Prachi right now and show how happy they can be.

Update Credit to: MA

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