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Sanyukt 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul speaks to someone over phone and asks to inform him when there is a new project. Sameer asks him not to gt disappointed, even his project is delayed. Rahul says at least ihs project is delayed, but he does not have job at all. They then play video game. Ila comes there and saays Rahul if he noticed how parents feel when children disobey. Rahul asks whaever he says, he will obey her. She says wants him to marry. He says he told her many times he will never marry and walks out from there. Sameer confronts her why she always pesters bhaiya, he is already tensed regarding his job. Ila says Rahul is already 30 and he is most of the time jobless.

Rahul goes and sits in garden sadly. He sees Niranjan and Rita playing with their daughter and reminisces his girlfriend. A romantic

song plays in the background. Sameer gets a video message in which Uday is tied to a chair and pleading to save him from kidnapper. Uday’s friend speaks as kidnapper and asks to call him on given number and if he tries to act smart and inform police, then he will cut Uday into pieces. Sameer rushes out and informs Rahul that Uday is kidnapped and shows video. Rahul says they should inform Parimal. Parimal comes wiht Gayatri from hospital and Gayatri informs that after Uday’s minor accident, Parimal started feeling chest pain, so she took him for doc’s checkup. Parimal says he is fine and they need not worry.

Uday’s friend panics and rushes to washroom repeatedly. Uday asks him to come out. Friend ays he cannot handle all this, he came here to become musician and not criminal. Uday asks him to relax nothing will happen. Rahul with Sameer calls. Friend panics more, but picks call on Uday’s insistence and frightnes them that he will kill Uday if he does not get 25 lakhs. Rahul pleasd not to harm Uday . Uday acts to save him. Sameer says they don’t have money. Uday says kidnapper is very intelligent and got info that dad has 25 lakhs and asks them to get moneys somehow.

Sameer and Rahul go to Parimal’s room and Sameer tells his friend needs 25 lakhs urgently, so needs his help. Parimal says he does not have personal money, but he has saved 25 lakhs for Uday’s future. Sameer says once babuji returns from ashram, he will return his money. Uday hesitantly agrees and asks whose name to write on cheque. Sameer says he needs cash. Parimal says at this demonetization time, people cannot gather 25,000 rs, how will he arrange 25 lakhs and says his friend must be stuck in a kidnapping case, so he should stay away from this.

Precap: Uday acts that kidnapper is torturing him so much, so he told that mom has lots of jewelry, now kidnapper wants jewelry. Sameer tells Rahul that he is sure Uday is tricking us for money. Rahul says he did not thihnk Uday could go to this extent.

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