Sanyukt 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sanyukt 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Haveli
Govardhan and ila decie to let go of their emotional attachment to the haveli, in order to be able to reconnect back with his family. they bid a tearful goodbye to shivpal and parvati, asking them to take good care of this haveli, as part of their family. they reminiesce every corner of the haveli, full of fond memories, and then bids it a teary farewell, while ila picks up the Tulsi plant, and they get in the car and drive off.


Scene 2:
Location: Gharaunda
As all the children gather to see Ramesh’s haveli, they are aghast to see such grandeur, and are boggled why they have been called here. they compliment ramesh galore on his beautiful house, and also about how lucky shall be the family that lives here, as all the

couples go gaga over the bedrooms, each better than the previous. govardhan says that its their family and they are all shocked and boggled. they dont understand whats going on. then he invites them all in, and says that he has purchased this haveli, in lieu of the other one, having taken up on Ramesh’s offer. Govardhan says that all of it belongs to them, as they are his sons, but on one condition, that they shall have to stay here with him as one family, and if they are okay with it, then they should sit with him in the puja, or else, they can have lunch and leave, as they are shown to the puja room. Niranjan immediately complies and jumps at the , while rita is tensed for him too. then ila is happy and turns to the other kids as to what are their opinions. parimal refuses point blank too. rahul taunts niranjan and says that only those shall maccept who need luxury and jump at its sight, and not he. he refuses. he leaves. sameer too leaves. rita asks niranjan to come along. they leave. govardhan stands silently and tensedly, as all disperse. Parimal and his wife have a tiff outside, when she asks why did he have to refuse as it would have been lovely to stay here. he asks if she too is blinded by the wealth and grandeur. she says that she did turn greedy, but for the love of their parents, for staying as a family, and for the children to have grandparemnts. parimal snubs her off, and then asks her to come in five minutes, as he waits by the car. he leaves in a huff, while she stands tears streaming down her cheeks. ila comes to her, and tries to calm her down. gayatri says that she wants to live with them, and ila says that time shall come too, and asks her to fulfill her responsibilities till then, while she too does the same. gayatri smiles through her tears and complies. she leaves. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Ila catches sameer and rahul, and asks them what kind of sons are they, as they didnt even bother not as sons, but on a humanitarian purpose, they could have come to meet their father, who had a heart attack. sameer asks her venomously, how can they forget what he did to them, and yet feel empathy for him. she says that she isnt done yet, and shuts him up. she reminds rahul and sameer both, that the next time, they try and insult her husband, she would forget that they are her sons. she is tensed along with them.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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