Sanyukt 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sanyukt 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Haveli
As ila bids a farewell to all of them, govardhan watches frm the balcony. he is reminded of their conversation the earlier night, and gets depressed. in the solitude of his room, govardhan has a severe heart attack. he clutches at his heart and falls on the bed. ila comes and finds him like this,unconscious, and screams for the helpers, and begs him to open the eyes. she hollers for the doctor, and he comes and informs that he suffered a heart attack, and asks her to give proper meds and take care. she complies. then the doctor leaves. Later, she calls and informs the sons. after sometime, all the sons come and they all rush to him, while the sons express their apologies, saying that they had no clue they were loved so much by him, and asks him not to take it to

the heart ad that everything that he wants shall be fulfilled, and that they shall live together as one happy unit. govardhan is overwhelmed but then gets jolted, as he realises he was hallucinating. later, while listening to old songs, he sits tensedly, as ila comes and shuts the music, while he secretly wipes the tears. he talks about the hopes he had on his sons. she remembers that the sons refused on some pretext or the other. they both are apalled at the callousness of their sons. she tries to assure him, that they shall set everything okay. he gets agitated and asks how is this okay, as which son behaves like this, hearing his father’s heart attack, and then blames it on himself, his nature towards them, when they were young, and his upbringing. she thinks that he always has played self guilty and he shouldnt be bothered himself, and take stress for the ingratuitous nature of their children. they realise that they may have made some shortcoming. she asks him not to blame himself. he says that now its time for him to start his life afresh with his family, and now the motive of his life shall be, that they are one happy unit. she is determined that they shall get their sons back. she gets to caring for him and getting him hale and hearty yet again.

The next morning, Govardhan’s brother, Ramesh calls up from the car, saying that he arrived just now from singapore, as he left right after he got ila’s call yesterday. govardhan says that it wasnt needed. but ramesh says that it was, since he couldnt rest properly. govardhan thinks that they both are tensed, but dont know how it will get okay. he is incredibly tensed as to how to fulfill his promise to his father, and unite the sons, and get them together to live as one family. he says that he always sought his father’s help to solve issues, and today he needs him the most, and begs for a signal, as then he shall get the power to fight. as he closes his eyes and joins hands, he feels someone’s reassuring hands on his shoulder, and he is overwhelmed that his father is still with him, in here, and shall always be. he calls for ila, and explains it to her. she is boggled. he says that now he is sure of their success. she is still boggled. he asks her to get snacks ready for Ramesh. she happily complies. Finally, ramesh comes.

Ramesh comments that he cant believe his sons talked back like this. Govardhan says that when he first started seeing the signs of his sons wanting to move out, he should have known that they werent leaving the house, but were leaving him. he was always playing laxman when he played ram, in Ramayana’s enactment. he says that he couldnt get out of this role at all. he says that he became his Laxman, but his own people got left behind. Ramesh hears this tensedly, and apologises. govardhan asks him not to blame himself, as he has always considered himself as his brother, and it was his shortcoming, that he couldnt handle all the relations properly. ila comes with snacks. ramesh gives them the good news, that the plot adjacent to their haveli, has been sold to a car making company. she asks how is this good news. he talks about the prices of this haveli too have gone up, to almost 22 crores. they are shocked. he thinks that its due to his father, and reminds this to ila. she hears tensedly, and asks what he plans to do. he says that they shall sell the haveli. she is surprised. ramesh explains how this haveli has their memories. but govardhan is adamant, that if this haveli stands in the way of his unity with the sons, then he wouldnt clutch at his memories. ramesh talks about his memories here. ila says that she likes it too. ramesh talks about how he has realised the importance of this haveli, now being trapped in the materialistic city. Ramesh asks for one chance to help him out. places a proposal to govardhan that he should take the haveli that he has gotten newly made, and sell him this haveli instead. both hear tensedly. govardhan is set to thinking. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: As all the children gather to see Ramesh’s haveli,. they are aghast to see such grandeur, and are boggled why they have been called here. govardhan invites them all in, and says that he has purchased this haveli, in lieu of the other one. Govardhan says that all of it belongs to them, as they are his sons, but on one condition, that they shall have to stay here with him as one family, and if they are okay with it, then they should sit with him in the puja, or else, they can have lunch and leave.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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