Sanyukt 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda and Parimal’s residence
Ila discusses with parimal and gayatri, as to how govardhan is mistaken about inder and how the dowry thing is false, but he holds him responsible. when gayatri asks if its true, ila vehemently insists that inder hasnt done anything wrong and its just situational. Ila and govardhan get emotional and sad as they sleep alone in their own beds, for the first time, in quite sometime, remembering their intimate moments. tears stream down their cheeks, as noone is able to sleep.

The next morning, ila dresses up in gayatri’s saree, while she compliments her galore. ila pretends to be happy, while gayatri says that its due to her brother’s arrival. ila is nervous and excited, while gayatri tries to calm him down. when they

dont come for long, ila gets imptient, while gayatri says that she just called ten minutes back and he would be back soon. when gayatri dials, the phone rings therein only. ila is boggled. they find that parimal has come with inder. Ila tells Gayatri that she hasnt seen inder in so many years. she informs her that he has come. the brother and sister have a teary reunion, while gayatri and parimal watch. he wipes her tears, while crying himself. they smile through tears, as he makes everyone laugh. gayatri takes inder’s blessings, but he says that he is just slightly elder than parimal. he says that he more like a son to ila. he asks parimal about his music, and they both get nostalgic about their lost passions for music. the atmosphere gets tensed. ila asks gayatri to get tea. inder asks for sugarfree and without milk. she complies and leaves. parimal leaves too. inder faces ila, and she asks whats he looking at. he says that he cant believe that she stands afore him, and he never knew that the lord shall fulfill his wish. she smiles through tears and asks him to freshen up, so that they can sit and chat. he complies and heads for the washroom.

In his room, govardhan wakes up, and habitually asks ila for tea, and then realises that she isnt around. he gets tensed and saddened. he finds that she didnt place him even a single call. he decides to do it himself, but then his ego comes in between, saying that if she isnt bothered, then why should he. Meanwhile, rahul has a hard time explaining to his mother, over the phone, that govardhan didnt eat. she asks him to take care of govardhan. he complies, while hiding his pain. sensing trouble in his voice, she asks whats the matter. he distracts her and cancels. she is tensed. he goes through excruciating pain, while trying to find his meds. he takes them. then he dials the doctor’s number, and tells that he is informing him about Stage 2 as he told. Meanwhile, at the dining table, rita asks niranjan to go and call their father for breakfast. he asks her not to bother him, as he was sending an urgent message. govardhan comes in asking them not to crib all the time, and behave as a mature couple. rita apologises and asks him to sit to have breakfast. he says that he has to go to Ramesh’s, and shall have something there. before she can stop, he leaves hastily. niranjan stands sullenly. she eyes him tensedly. he asks her not to blame him for this too. Rahul comes and asks about govardhan. rita denies and tells that he went without eating. he asks why didnt she insist. he asks what shall he tell ila. she says that she has received calls too from ila. they discuss as to how they have to solve parents’ issues. he asks her if ila told when would inder leave. she doesnt respond.

Meanwhile, Ila gets a saree from inder, that his wife sent. she loves it. he says that she wanted to come too, but didnt want to create unnecessary strain on the already tensed relation. she says that its good he came for her. he asks if govardhan is still angry, and how it stands between them too, and he cant expect things to change overnight. she hears tensedly. In the kitchen, parimal and gayatri discuss as to how inder’s arrival has caused unnecessary tension between ila and govardhan, and how to put up their decision of leaving Pune, in front of them, at this stage. he says that its after a month. she says that they should tell him. he says that he is saying the same too. she asks him to focus. he says that she doesnt wish to tell ila right now, when she is tensed. he asks for the solution. she insists that he should deny the promotion and not go. he asks her to focus on the tea. she resigendly complies.

Later, sameer comes back with puja, after their doctor’s appointment. she thanks him, while he says that he is happy for her and her son. she asks what if its a girl. he teases her about the names, and then gets to cheering her up. she decides to take leave, but sameer asks her to stay back, as ila isnt home anyways. he tells her about the Inder issue, and she asks why didnt he tell her. she informs how his family is hers too now and that it concerns her. he says that he shall give her a regular update now. she says that she didnt mean that. he says that they are together for so many years, but never had problems, uptil now. she says that she has undergone change, that he hasnt, and he has to, as they are no more live in partners but husband and wife. he says that he never knew she would change so much, or else he never would have…..she asks him what, he never would have married her. he says that he never completed the sentence and asks her not to be so dramatic. she asks him not to bother and storms out. he watches he tensedly.

In the courtyard, rita and niranjan discuss what ila did. while he supports govardhan, rita asks him not to think like that, as the wife isnt a slave to the husband. rahul drives their attention back at the topic, and asks them not to fight amongst themselves, and instead focus on ila and govardhan. rahul says that they are both right in their own places, when rita asks whats ila’s fault. Rahul discusses with ila and niranjan, that their biggest issue is that ila is staying separately from govardhan, and both are getting tensed for the other and they should go and talk to ila, that she can go and meet inder for sometime, but she neednt stay there at parimal. niranjan says that ila shall never agree. she asks him to stop being pessimistic. he says that its not negativity but practicality. rahul brings them back. all hear intently.

In their room, inder asks ila if his arrival shall make him feel guilty, about doing this to ila. she asks him not to bother. he asks how cant he, as she is staying at her son’s place and is making him stay here, instead of her own house. ila calms him down and tells inder that its true that his arrival caused strain on their relationship, but their relation isnt that weakened, that it gets swayed by such small arguements. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Ila tells rahul, that if she goes back, she would get sad seeing him, and he shall get angry seeing her and what problem has happened, has already been done, and they cant do anything about it. she says that this decision was very difficult for her to take, but now that she has, she would stick to it. rahul and others are tensed. she asks rita to send in some of her clothes, as she cant wear gayatri’s clothes forever. they get tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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