Sanyukt 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 13th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tanu/Shree asks Sam to leave Hetal. He asks what did he do. She says she made a mistake by telling him about Hetal’s feelings, she does not want him to repeat with Hetal what Rahul did with Tanu. He asks how does she know. She gets nervous and says Ila aunty informed her. He is also from same family and she is worried about Hetal. Sam says whatever happened that time was because bapuji was very strict and rejected Rahul’s girlfriend. She says even now his bapuji will reject Hetal. Sam says Bapuji is in ashram now and maa has kept whole family united. Now they take their own decisions and live happily together.

She says even then, she does not want Hetal to go through what Tanu went through. He takes her to home temple and promises that he will not leave Hetal for ever and takes even his mother’s oath. She stands silently. He asks even now if she does not trust him. She says she trusts him, but hearing what Rahul did to his girlfriend. Sam asks what she knows about Rahul. Rahul backed off as bapuji got a heart attack and took promise that he will not marry Tanu. Whole house knows that Rahul will not marry anyone in life and just cries holding Tanu’s photo. He is suffering each day and gets heavily inebriated, but Tanu married someone within 4 months and left forever. Tanu stands dumb struck. Sam opens home door and says she can see Rahul’s suffering. He leaves.

Tanu cries in front of devi maa that her Rahul is suffering each day and remembering her, she cannot even go in front of him for Sam and Hetal’s sake. She loudly calls Rahul, which surprisingly nobody in family hears except Rahul. Rahul sipping alcohol hears Tanu’s voice. He sees water mug empty and walks down limping murmuring Tanu. He reaches kitchen limping and picks water from fridge repeating Tanu. Tanu watches him hiding and cries.

Precap: Rahul senses Tanu standing behind curtain and pushes it aside and is surprised to see Tanu. Tanu continues weeping.

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