Sanyukt 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sanyukt 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Haveli
As ila wakes up, she finds govardhan ready with her breakfast. she is touched by his gesture, as they both wish each other a very happy anniversary. he gives her a necklace and they share some nice romantic moments. this is intervened, by the grandkids who tease their grandparents while they are flustered. then the entire family comes and wishes them, and gives them a gift of their portrait size wedding picture. they ask ila and govardhan to come down, dressed up soon. Later, as ila descends down, dressed as a bride, she finds the courtyard set for a Mandap. govardhan stands as the beaming groom. she stands in front of him. Govardhan proposes to ila and asks if she shall marry him again. she happily complies. they both remarry, while their family showers blessings

on them.

Later, in the evening, they all sit down for light entertainment. ila gives them chits, that contain some tasks that she wants all of them to perform. they are amused and comply. the grandkids recite. Gayatri dances, niranjan’s wife, acts, while parimal after much coaxing, sings slightly. all clap. before ila can ask someone else, rita comes and tells that they wish to see her dance. Govardhan asks her to comply. finally she does for her children. all have a good time.

Later, at night, they both talk to the sons, that they wish to stay with all of them, and while they can pay the intial downpayment of 3.5 crores, the rest and the installments the sons can manage. he says that they shall all purchase together. he talks about the entire installment plan. it sets everyone aback, and they are speechless, while govardhan is excited. the youngest denies, and says that he cant afford the installment. rahul asks if its only monetary issue that stops him. he says that he responded to what govardhan, and rahul neednt meddle in it. rahul says that this is the problem, neither one wants to listen nor talk. they bring out his alcohol issues. finally, ila shuts him up saying that she forgave him the other day, as he was drunk, but not today. rahul on face, denies that he doesnt want to come to live with them. they are aghast. parimal says that except for devoted, niranjan, noone would accept. niranjan starts fighting. parimal points out how his manipulative business strategy must be working right now. niranjan refuses saying that he wouldnt come to live with him. she says that she knows what everyone wants. but still its a formality. She asks parimal whats his response. he says that everyone knows he and govardhan dont get along. she asks him yes or no. he gets tensed and responds in negative. they both are tensed. the screen freezes on govardhan’s tensed face.

Precap: in the solitude of his room, govardhan has a severe heart attack. he clutches at his heart and falls on the bed. ila comes and finds him like this,unconscious, and screams for the helpers, and begs him to open the eyes.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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